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June 11, 2021

Introducing We Are Amnet’s New Look

  We’ve come a long way since the early days of We Are Amnet and we are proud of what we have achieved along with our partners and clients and…
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May 27, 2021

In-housing vs Outsourcing vs Offshoring: The Great Marketing Debate?

The creative advertising industry has faced many changes and as businesses consider how to tighten budgets, produce more content yet keep quality levels high, many are setting up their own…
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May 26, 2021

How We Are Amnet Are Supporting Their Staff Through The Coronavirus Crisis In India

As covid continues to spread throughout India, we would like to reassure our customers that we are doing everything possible to support our team at this time.   The main…
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May 24, 2021

A Successful Mirren Live 2021

We Are Amnet sponsored Mirren Live, a two-day virtual event for agencies, which took place on the 19th and 20th of May 2021. The conference was centered around addressing growth opportunities and the…
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May 17, 2021

What Cost Savings Can You Expect From Offshoring Creative Production Services?

It is common knowledge that using an offshore provider can save you money, but existing benchmark data on the cost savings to expect and other statistics around offshoring is scarce.…
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May 5, 2021

We Are Amnet to sponsor Mirren Live 2021

We are delighted to announce we are sponsoring the US agency focused event Mirren Live which takes place on 19/20th May. It’s a two-day event featuring an exciting schedule of…
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April 23, 2021

The Future is Real Time Event Takeaways

How leading brands are reshaping their creative operations to keep up with demand   The demand for content has skyrocketed and keeping up can be a huge challenge for brands.…
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April 22, 2021

Private Labels: The Great Brand Battle

The Rise of Private Labels Since becoming a staple during the 1990s, the private label product has undergone quite the transformation. No longer is it discreetly placed at the bottom…
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April 20, 2021

New Report Finds 76% of Agencies Currently Offshore Creative Production Services

A report released by We Are Amnet and TKM Consultants found that the US and European offshore creative production market has matured. Offshoring services has become essential for agencies to…
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March 26, 2021

What Creative Production Services are Most Suited to Offshoring and How Do I Plan For Success?

The access to expert and capable talent has developed in offshore studios over the last 20 years, and this coupled with savings of up to 80% has propelled the offshore…
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March 15, 2021

Creative and Production Teams: What’s Your Relationship Style?

No, this isn’t an article for Tinder. It is, however, important to think about whether you’d swipe right on a relationship with your creative or production colleagues. How much time…
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February 23, 2021

Don’t Let Your Content Get Lost in Translation

As international advertising is becoming more important to brands through the globalisation of markets, this is driving companies to rethink their localisation strategy. However, with demand for relevant content increasing…
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February 15, 2021

Is Live Stream E-commerce The Next Big Thing for US Retail?

If, as a result of the accelerating shift toward online purchasing, retailers already had to adapt to new consumer behaviours and find new sources of revenue, the Covid-19 pandemic has…
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January 21, 2021

How to Create Content at Scale That Resonates With Your Audience

Fresh content, the fuel for any online marketing strategy. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, social media or convert more leads, you’ll want all of your campaigns…
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January 6, 2021

We’re Here For You During Lockdown 3.0…

With the escalation of COVID-19 and the third national lock-down in place, we recognize the importance of updating you on our practices during this challenging situation. We are fortunate that…
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December 18, 2020

What Do The Brexit Changes Mean for Labelling and Packaging and How Can you Maintain Creative Design?

The UK has now left the EU and the final deadline of 31st January is in sight. For many businesses, whether multinational or small scale, this brings challenges in the…
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December 15, 2020

Your 2021 Plan to Thrive as an Agency

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that plans can go awry! Unfortunately, things aren’t likely to get much easier for agencies in 2021. Many clients may have…
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November 27, 2020

Content at Scale Event Takeaways

How are leading brands reshaping their marketing models to keep up with demand? With the ever-increasing demand for content coupled with a greater focus on cost efficiency, many brands are…
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November 19, 2020

Why Now Is The Time To Build TikTok into Your Social Strategy

Lockdown boredom. The single biggest reason TikTok, the Chinese video-sharing social network, has rocketed to success. TikTok also released their tested and stable version in March 2020. The exact month…
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November 4, 2020

Has COVID-19 changed the landscape for multichannel retail, and if so what will the future bring?

It’s no surprise that the adoption of multichannel shopping behavior by consumers has risen during the pandemic. In both the US and Europe there was rapid adoption and growth in…
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October 20, 2020

10 Misconceptions about Offshoring and the Evolution of Smartshoring

The offshoring landscape has rapidly developed over the last 10 years; however some common misconceptions are still circulating. In this article we address some of the key misconceptions about offshoring…
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October 14, 2020

Amnet Hires Melvin Deepak Jayaseelan to Head up Global Creative Production Services (CPS)

Amnet today announced that Melvin Deepak, formerly Born Group’s Divisional Head of Content and Media Production, has been appointed Vice President for Global Creative Production Services (CPS).   Melvin brings…
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September 11, 2020

How Can Visuals Really Influence the Purchasing Decisions for Online Shoppers?

83% of digital purchase decisions are influenced by product images ( Being able to touch and feel a product is important to many consumers, but it is not an option…
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August 12, 2020

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising Set for Rapid Growth

The pandemic has enormously altered how consumers go about their everyday lives and many companies are naturally responding with a surge in investment around their digital communications. The downtime, shaped…
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July 17, 2020

What is The Future for The Packaging Industry?

The packaging industry is ever-changing as it responds to evolving environmental factors, social change and consumer habits. Coupled with new technologies and continuing pressures from regulatory and government bodies, trying…
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June 30, 2020

FMCGs Boldly Bypass Retailers with “Direct to Consumer” Investment

The huge change in consumer shopping habits over the past 12 weeks, has unquestionably accelerated the Direct to Consumers (D2C) investment strategies for many of the world’s consumer brands. For…
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June 10, 2020

Why Mobile Apps Are Important for The Growth of Your Business

We live in a digitally smart world, with many companies investing in their digital first strategies and looking for their business apps to generate engagement, commercial traction and loyalty with…
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May 20, 2020

Why The Right Content Management System Will Transform Your Business

As of January 2020, there were over 4.5 billion global internet users ( As the primary resource for connecting the world, whether it be for research, education, retail, entertainment, social…
May 11, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 8, Friday 8 May 2020

Greetings!  I hope you are well, staying healthy as is your family, loved ones, and your colleagues! We have been doing fine, as a team and as a company! The…
April 29, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 7, Friday 24 April 2020

I hope you’ve had a good weekend and an even better week so far! This weekend for me was full of reading. I read new content, revisited books earlier read and…
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April 21, 2020

What Impact Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Have on The Future Purchasing Behaviour of Consumers?

While the e-commerce market has grown with momentum over the last couple of decades, resulting in sales of $3.53 trillion in 2019 ( the impact of COVID-19’s self-isolation has catapulted…
April 21, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 6, Tuesday 14 April 2020

We have just received the communication from the Indian government that the lock-down is being extended until the 3rd of May 2020.  While this is beyond our circle of influence,…
April 9, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 5, Thursday 9 April 2020

As we continue to adhere to the norms regarding social distancing, here is something that reminds us of its value. Hold the Line… says Prof. Jonathan Smith, lecturer in epidemiology…
April 8, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 4, Monday 6 April 2020

Charlie Chaplin once told the audience a wonderful joke and had the audience in splits... Charlie repeated the same joke and only a few people laughed... He again repeated the…
March 31, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 3, Monday 30 March, 2020 Life seems to have come a full circle for many of us! Haven't you observed kids playing house-house? They act like a mom, dad, teacher, office, kitchen, bike rider,…
March 31, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 2, Thursday 26 March, 2020

Given this unprecedented situation of social distancing and lockdowns, I’m sure all of us are trying to make the best of what we have! WFH and makeshift conditions are not…
March 31, 2020

Addressing COVID-19 at Amnet: Update 1, Tuesday 24 March, 2020

With the escalation of COVID-19 across the world, we recognize the importance of updating you on our practices for this challenging situation. We’ve been following the guidelines from the government and international public…
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March 30, 2020

Video Production Will Really Help to Tell Your Story & Maximise Audience Engagement

The rise of organisations adopting video production into their digital marketing strategy has rapidly increased, with advertising on-line video spend in the US and UK combined now over $100B (Zenith). With…
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March 25, 2020

In Today’s Current Climate and As The World Goes Through Unprecedented Change, Partnerships Are More Important Than Ever

We Are Amnet has been built on a foundation of strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. As we prepare for the months ahead, we’d like all our partners to know that We…
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February 27, 2020

Digital Asset Management – What Is It and How Does It Deliver Value for Your In-House Team?

Many businesses are regularly faced with managing a mountain of content in order to make it more accessible and easier to re-use or re-purpose across channels. However, the lack of…
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January 19, 2020

The Smartshoring™ Approach to Creative Production

Capitalising on lower cost resources overseas for creative production is not a new trend and one of the key reasons why having an offshore partner has become standard practice for…
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October 8, 2019

Amnet to Sponsor Creative Operations London 2020

We are delighted to be sponsoring Creative Operations London 2020. The leading event for Brands, In-house Agencies and Activation Agencies delivering multi-channel campaigns, globally. As Amnet’s Creative Production division continues…
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September 17, 2019

The Rise of Augmented Reality

The last eighteen months have seen a rapid increase in the application of augmented reality technologies with the industry expected to see a market value of $85 billion by 2025…
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July 10, 2019

Personalisation and Retail Point of Sale

The retail sector is an industry that has seen more disruption than most in recent times. Though the struggles of brick-and-mortar retailers have cast doubt on the importance of traditional point…
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June 4, 2019

Adapting Packaging Design For The Digital Age

The next three years will see continued growth in online retail sales, climbing from 14% per year to over 25% a year (Forrester Research). As e-commerce continues to grow in…
May 21, 2019

Effective Global Content Management

Effective content management is a critical component of any Brand’s Marketing supply chain, that will enhance customer experience, drive out costs and uplift revenue. An effective global content management service…
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May 3, 2019

The Art of Retouching. A Growing Demand

Retouching is an established advertising service, but both the skills required and demand for quality retouching are still increasing. In today’s attention economy, retouching is an essential part of a…
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March 14, 2019

Increase in Demand for Luxury Packaging

Creating packaging that stands out, influences the purchase journey and illustrates quality is the starting point  for  packaging design for luxury brands. The latest survey data from API shows that…
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February 12, 2019

What To Expect From an In-House Agency

The past ten years have seen considerable growth of the in-house agency: In 2008, 42% of Brands had some form of in-house agency compared to 64% today Whilst in 2013,…
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January 2, 2019

The Growing Importance of Social Listening

Marketers often get caught in the trap of limiting their social media data analysis to raw numbers: with the number of likes, retweets and comments the most common forms of…