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Joule keeps everybody connected, sharing information with the right people at the right time.

With content production becoming more complex with a variety of different stakeholders, talent, production specialists, channels, formats, countries, and delivery methods, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to produce content at scale.
With Joule, you can be certain that your brand will be represented accurately on every channel, and in every territory.

DAM Library

Secure and structured online repository for all your digital assets, accessible by anyone in your organization that needs them. Organize and label everything securely. Grant permissions and retrieval privileges according to the project or even asset.  Guarantee compliance with data protection legislation in this simple to use but necessary enterprise DAM. A must have for all marketers, brand teams and production studios.

saas sales numbers

& Reports

User-friendly, intuitive and customisable, the dashboard is your Joule home page. Set up your preferred data view, and produce reports on project progress, current campaigns, briefs, approvals and budgeting. This is where we shape Joule into the tool that works for you.

Managed Workflows For The Approval of Assets

Track the progress of each project here. Check and update the work against agreed deadlines, and gain approval at each stage, or even each asset as necessary. This is an overview not just of every live job, but every stage of the job.

Create Campaigns & Briefs

Set out the parameters of new campaigns by writing your marketing briefs here. Templated briefing forms mean information is provided consistently and fully, with critical path analysis and key dates built in from the start. 

Estimate & Quote Approval

Pull in estimates for all the elements of each campaign and produce an overall budget. Securely acquire and store the digital signatures you need to get the campaign underway and provide up-to-date information to everybody on the costs incurred during production.

Frequently asked questions

What file types are supported?

Joule supports a wide variety of file formats across the following categories;

  • Images
  • Video
  • Web Assets
  • Documents

A selection of file types can be seen here:
Jpg, tif, gif, psd, png, bmp, pdf, docx, mpg, mp4, avi, mov, wmv, flv, f4v, ogv, webm

For more details and an exhaustive list please get in touch.

What customer support and training do you offer?

During onboarding, your teams will receive bespoke online or in-person training based on your chosen Joule access level(s) and business process requirements. Following the successful implementation of Joule, we will provide you with full user support during your business hours. We also provide access to helpful step-by-step training guides to help navigate Joule, to ensure every member of your team can maximise their interactions with Joule.

Can we integrate our other business tools with Joule?

Yes. Other technologies can be seamlessly integrated with Joule via REST APIs. Designed to be adaptable, Joule integrates easily with your existing tools to make your business fully connected and ensure your teams can work efficiently with smart technology.