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We Are Amnet is part of the Enerji group, a group built on the power of harnessing relationships.

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Enerji is a multinational business group with a passion for the world of content, data, and design.

Located across three continents, the group is built on the power of harnessing relationships. The Enerji group enables growth, improves efficiency, and reduces cost and time for its clients thereby delivering superior business value. This is achieved by providing services, technology solutions, customized data solutions, and impactful design in branding, marketing, and packaging.

Clients benefit from the commercial value, flexible resources, speed to market, unparalleled quality and clear and concise communication, all made possible by Smartshoring™.

Smartshoring™ is the effective use of the best talent wherever they may be. In today’s global economy, Smartshoring™ has become essential for brands to stay competitive, increase profits and accelerate growth.

Our brands have gained coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, Black Book of Outsourcing, allowing to our focus and emphasis on the one unique differentiator, human capital. The group also runs The Energy Projekt, a non-profit initiative to facilitate and nurture passion.

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Amnet is a Technabled Services company. For publishers and content aggregators needing reliable and efficient publishing services, Amnet provides technology-led, end-to-end services and solutions.

Amnet’s relationship-centered, customer-obsessed approach provides the client with the certainty of meeting their requirements and provide compelling value. With over 20 years of experience, Amnet addresses the needs of publishers by offering Project Management, Design, Editing, Accessibility, Enrichment, Composition, and Distribution to deliver outputs in all preferred formats.

Amnet is trusted by customers of all sizes, including Fortune 50 companies, large multinationals, and corporates who are leaders in their respective markets.

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Springbord is a leading global information service provider. It is a part of the Enerji group that offers an extensive range of data, content and design services. Springbord represents the data division of the group and offers customized data solutions to diverse industry segments. Combining a wide range of Internet-based capabilities, smart tools and technology and years of experience and domain expertise, they provide compelling, business-friendly and client-centric outsourcing services. Springbord helps its clients drastically reduce costs, increase productivity, and drive business growth.

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The Energy

The NGO arm of The Enerji Group, ‘The Energy Projekt’ is a non-profit organization dedicated to its vision ‘pursuance of passion irrespective of the odds’. They work to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children with exceptional passion towards sports or visual arts by providing them with training opportunities, funding, and other resources. Giving wings to their talent helps bring a small yet perceptible change in their lives.

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