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Produce and manage content at scale

Joule, our industry leading MarTech solution for creative production, brings agility, simplicity and certainty to every stakeholder in the production process.

Joule has been designed to enable brands and agencies to produce and manage content at scale, effectively.

As Smartshoring becomes an essential part of the production ecosystem, Joule ensures teams are always connected, providing transparency throughout the campaign lifecycle. From in-house agencies and production studios to marketers and creative agencies, Joule empowers teams to come together and simplify the production process.

The benefits of using Joule


Have full visibility across all projects and campaigns, at any given time, organised to suit your needs.

fully customisable

Best Practices

Everybody working the same way, with the same goals and objectives, resulting in efficient briefing and approvals giving you peace of mind.

Faster Execution

Speed things up by having work done 24/7, with status visibility of all your projects to help reduce risk.

Global to regional consistency

No more looking for the latest versions of assets, centralise your assets and provide a structured taxonomy.

Repurposing content

Save time, money and be more sustainable by making the most of the assets you already have.

Re-use assets wherever you are in the world

Collaborative working

Managed through a common, global platform, customised to suit your brand, agency or studio.


Automate production tasks wherever possible, with accuracy and quality.

Resource visibility

A window into the world of your studio resource, ensuring the right team for your project or campaign.

Maximise your resource utilisation at all times.

Find out how Joule works


How will we work together to implement Joule?

Our Joule team will closely collaborate with your teams and departments to compile and analyze all requirements, data, user profiles and processes, in order to tailor Joule to your specific business needs. 

We recognize that managing change is crucial to successful adoption, and delivering effective training, managing any risk and ensuring effective internal communication will be central to successfully onboarding Joule.

Support & Maintain:
Through our dedicated Joule Support Team, we will conduct regular user surveys, quarterly reviews and document changing requirements, in order to constantly review and improve Joule. Enable smart working and future-proof your marketing operational needs. SLAs and common areas of support are available on request. 

Can we customise Joule based on our business requirements?

While Joule adheres to industry best practices it has been designed to be highly adaptable. We can tailor Joule to your requirements; common customizations include multi-step approval workflows, DAM rights management rules, custom URLs and SSO. We will discuss your needs and ensure that they are delivered to the highest standard.

How easy is it to build my own dashboard?

The simple answer is very easy. Users can build their own Dashboards and Homepages using predefined filters and further customize the user experience with various colour schemes and conditional formatting rules. You can also share dashboards with your team, to ensure management information can be easily shared.