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February 3, 2023

Keeping Up with the Demand for Content and Changing Production Models

According to Forbes, with the economy in general under intense pressure, marketers can expect a familiar litany of constraints this year; tighter budgets, more urgency, greater demand for measurability and…
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January 12, 2023

Employees with Enerji: Irina Constandoglo

Have you ever wondered what a Sr. Account Manager does? This month's Employee with Enerji is Irina Constandoglo, who is the Sr. Account Manager for We Are Amnet, The Americas.…
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January 6, 2023

Kelsey Barcomb joins We Are Amnet as Marketing Manager, The Americas

We Are Amnet has appointed Kelsey Barcomb as Marketing Manager, The Americas. She will be responsible for all marketing activities in the U.S. and will help support marketing efforts for…
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January 3, 2023

A New Year of Possibilities

There’s something so magical about the potential and promise of a New Year. 38.5% of American adults seem to agree, as they set New Year’s resolutions every year. Some people…
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December 27, 2022

The Best Creative Production Services for Healthcare Marketing

Behind every successful healthcare marketing campaign is a successful strategy. And behind that? An impressive set of creative production services to generate reliable, quality assets.  Here at We Are Amnet,…
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December 21, 2022

2023 Digital Marketing Trends

With 2023 almost upon us and the economic outlook uncertain, content remains king in digital marketing. Worldwide, global content marketing revenue is expected to hit $137 billion by 2026. That’s…
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December 19, 2022

How to Measure Digital Marketing Success

What does a successful digital marketing campaign look like? Plenty of leads? More sales? A strong conversion rate? Or, simply, a high-quality set of assets? What if we measured the…
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December 15, 2022

What Makes Healthcare Marketing Unique: Challenges & Tech

Healthcare is one of the largest and quickest-growing industries in the world, with global healthcare spending expected to reach over $10 trillion by 2023 alone. As an industry, healthcare is…