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Marketing assets are an absolutely vital part of any business. When building a marketing campaign, your assets show your brand identity to your target audience. Marketing assets must always be included in a strong marketing strategy, but they certainly take a lot of time to create. Is it possible to reduce the production time of your marketing assets while still maintaining a strong brand identity? 

5 Ways To Speed Up The Production Of Digital Marketing Assets

Share Your Strategic Marketing Strategy and Ideas

In many organizations, the power to create or modify marketing collateral is concentrated within a select few. While this may stem from a desire to maintain brand consistency, it inadvertently slows down the entire production and delivery process. Empowering more team members with the ability to contribute to marketing efforts can lead to greater agility and responsiveness.

Implementing a marketing asset management system allows you to share digital marketing assets with people in the company for feedback, but still ensure restrictions are in place so that people can’t change the digital assets and undo all your hard work. This ensures that you’ll receive on how your assets will work on social media channels, the website and how well they partner with physical assets.

Marketing asset management software is a great way of getting feedback from your entire team without them being able to change the marketing asset creation that you’ve worked so hard on. Software like Canto, Bynder, and Freshworks help you manage and control essential marketing assets, and enable localized customization of marketing materials with predefined brand guidelines. This not only speeds up the production process but also fosters greater engagement across teams in the business.

Decrease Delivery Time By Improving Inventory Management

In today’s omnichannel marketing landscape, the seamless integration of social media platforms when launching new marketing campaigns is vital. However, physical print still offers a huge opportunity, but can quickly introduce potential bottlenecks in the asset production process.

While some businesses decide to increase in-house printing and inventory, a more scalable solution is available—partner with vendors equipped with extensive printing capabilities, resources, and inventory.

This means you can rely on web-to-print solutions that offer a practical means of expediting delivery times by leveraging another company’s in-house printing machinery and inventory. Vendors equipped with extensive printing capabilities will speed up the production of assets, but may even be able to offer new and exciting assets to use in campaigns.

Strategic Marketing Ideas Rest on a Foundation of Evergreen Content

Traditional marketing strategies often follow a linear path, focusing on campaigns with defined start and end dates. Strictly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with this, but with the addition of social media marketing, evergreen content should be used to increase engagement and generate leads.

Unlike event-driven social media posts and assets, and time-sensitive promotions like sales, for example, evergreen content can provide enduring relevance. This makes it ideal for sustained distribution and promotion in almost any business niche.

Evergreen content can ensure a positive brand reputation and increase your brand’s social media presence while event-driven and time-sensitive campaigns are being worked on by your creative team. This ensures that when these campaigns run, potential customers already have brand visibility, understand your products/services, and all campaigns have a consistent brand identity across the board.

In inbound marketing, evergreen content is king. It attracts and retains audiences over extended periods and builds healthy stocks of brand assets. By prioritizing the creation and promotion of evergreen assets, businesses can establish themselves as authoritative voices within their respective industries while maintaining a consistent flow of leads.

Simplify Your Vendor Network with Offshoring Solutions

One of the best ways to speed up marketing asset production is to have the best in-house marketing team possible. If you have skill gaps in your marketing team, this can leave you in a creative bind. How do you create the assets your campaigns need to run successfully without putting too much pressure on the team? You could outsource the work, of course, but then you have to manage a group of freelancers that could be all over the world! And rely on assets being produced correctly and in line with brand guidelines. Well, there is another way.

Smartshoring® consolidates your creative production needs. You’ll liaize with an in-country account manager who will then liaize with offshore studios across the world working together to deliver marketing assets that perfectly align with brand identity and hit the goals of the campaigns perfectly.

Smartshoring® not only fills gaps in your in-house team but can also save you money and time when creating deliverables. It is an incredibly valuable model that works alongside your in-house team to produce the best work imaginable. Take a look at our case studies to see some examples of companies who are using Smartshoring® to take their marketing assets to new heights. Or contact us today to learn how including us in your marketing asset production could be the best decision your business ever makes!

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