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It is common knowledge that using an offshore provider can save you money, but existing benchmark data on the cost savings to expect and other statistics around offshoring is scarce.

That is why We Are Amnet in conjunction with TKM Consultants have released The Creative Production Benchmark Report to fill in that knowledge gap and find out why and how agencies are creating successful offshore partnerships.

The digital revolution and covid-19 have driven a significant increase in the use of offshore services in the last 12 months. However other factors such as quality, communication, speed and service delivery continue to improve and therefore so too has the offshore landscape.

Production services most suitable for offshoring

Not all creative production services are suitable for offshoring. The most appropriate are repetitive tasks with clear guidelines and standards such as:

  • Artwork Production
  • Retouching
  • Digital Banner Advertising
  • Video Post-production
  • CGI, Motion & 3D
  • Adaptive Design
  • Repro/File Prep
  • Data Services
  • Automation
  • Web/App

Expected cost savings

Based on the services that are ideal for offshoring, the percentage savings that survey participants would expect to make by utilising an offshore partner, were mostly between 40% and 60% across all service lines.

Graphic showing estimated cost savings

Download the report here.

  • 56% of agencies expect to see savings of 40-60% on retouching
  • 52% of agencies expect to see savings of 40- 60% on artwork
  • 44% of agencies expect to see savings of 20-40% on digital
  • 38% of agencies expect to see savings of 40-60% on web/ app development

The mature market

The savings that can be achieved by taking advantage of an offshore model for omnichannel

creative production are undeniable. Some even up to 80% savings. Which is potentially why 50% of survey participants have had an offshore partner for 5 or more years.

But cost savings is not the whole story, the market has matured, and many agencies and in-house agencies have fully integrated their offshore company, using them as an extension of the team for their production needs.

“Our customers demand exceptional service, quality and flexibility. Finding a partner that’s open,

committed and an extension of our own team supporting not only our success but also the success

of our customers was crucial. A shared culture brings excellent chemistry and similar ways of working, ultimately delivering success.”  Mark Bent, Founder, Brand Imaging Solutions

The Smartshoring model

As investment in offshore services grow and mature, the changing models to service the needs of agencies, in-house studios and brands is evolving at pace.

Smartshoring is arguably the most progressive of the offshore models available. It delivers value at both the client services front end and the production back end. The model consists of in-country client services teams who provide time zone and cultural alignment and global offshore production hubs which provide scalable and flexible resource, flexible commercial models, 24/7 production shifts and access to skills and expertise without the capital expenditure costs.

Contact us today to find out more about our Smartshoring model and how our services could benefit you.

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