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2023 global

For Offshore
Creative Production

The definitive report to benchmark your existing offshore relationships, find out how your peers are using offshoring and build a business case.


As we lean into economic uncertainty in 2023 this report explores how in-house agencies, brands and creative/digital agencies are using offshoring within the marketing mix. The data includes a mix of survey results and interviews with key influencers and experts in the industry.
You will learn:


  • Which production models are getting the most investment in 2023
  • Top areas of content production spend
  • How much of total production spend is being managed offshore
  • Savings expectations across a range of offshore services
  • Technology expectations from an offshore partner
  • Factors most important for a successful relationship
  • How success is being measured

“You can’t just have the tier three being managed by the offshore partner and then the creative team managing the big shiny stuff.

The creative and production strategy need to be linked otherwise there is a huge bit in the middle and the production model will start to collapse like a souffle that’s just come out of the oven.”
Nicky Russell
Partner, WDC


"In-house agencies should always have an offshore partner to take on the work that they can’t take on. My offshore partner stepped up and delivered by getting 600 assets out of the door in two weeks."

Marie Philemon

Director of Creative Operations
Norwegian Cruise Line