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Getting high-quality image manipulation done quickly, and convincingly is a critical element of modern marketing campaigns. We offer the complete range of image editing services, from background extensions to element removals, image retouching, colour matching and clipping-path work. Everything you need to get your images to where you want them to be, in one place.


  • Editorial/magazines
  • Advertising
  • In-store retail
  • e-Commerce
  • 360 video/product campaigns
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Editorial & Magazines

In a marketing landscape where content is so important, and consumers are bombarded with information, the image that goes with the text has never been more critical. Editorial and magazine image retouching tells the story the way you want it told.

In-Store Retail

Your product has to be shown in its best light – sometimes quite literally. We’ll work on your in-store imagery to make sure it is.


Anything from a simple product-shot background change to beauty touch-ups where realistic skin tones and textures are essential.




With so much shopping being done online, your digital shop needs to be as attractive as your physical one, and the products or services have to look just as good. We have extensive experience of making sure they do.

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360 Video & Product Campaigns

Imagery that can be viewed from any angle allows your audience to see what you’re showing in a much more immersive way if they can’t get to where you are. Just click to play, and drag the cursor to view the angle you like.

Software We Use

An industry standard, we use Adobe Photoshop and Creative Cloud applications for image editing. We make sure we’re always on the latest version so no matter what your needs, or your files’ needs, we can get it done.

Industry Expertise

Chances are, if you’ve read some of the most popular magazines – or their digital twins – in food, beauty, interior design, lifestyle or fashion, you’ve seen our work. We have worked to exacting standards on images for globally recognised brands, to appear in the top-selling magazines. They have to be done well, or they don’t get published.


  • Masking, Cut-out
  • Creative retouching
  • Jewellery retouching
  • Background extension/removal
  • Shadows
  • Any image services you need
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Smartshoring® Model

Our unique Smarthsoring® model makes use of the best talent, wherever they may be. With Smartshoring®, you know there will be somebody with the right experience and talent to do the image work you need, 24/7.

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