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In a world where high demand for content is still growing, it can be challenging for D2C marketers, brands and agencies alike to produce successful multichannel marketing. Creative automation: producing, maintaining and automating your campaign from a single source, is the solution. And that’s why we rolled out Joule, our automation platform.

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Omnichannel Marketing Challenges

If you’re a retailer or D2C marketer, and you’re talking directly to your customers, you may not have specific marketing expertise. Even if you do, how do you drive sales to both online and physical touchpoints, while simultaneously trying to juggle different teams, partners, data sources and channels?

Brands, meanwhile, have to constantly create new, engaging and differentiating content. If your brand is multinational, that content has to work in different territories and languages.

And agencies – how to get that high-volume, short-notice project out with your current headcount? And will the same model work for all your clients?

Joule is the solution.

Unify, Automate and Scale Your Omnichannel Content

Joule is an effective omnichannel marketing solution that addresses both the reasons you need content at scale and the challenges in producing it.

  • The explosion of digital channels has made omnichannel marketing not just desirable, but essential if you’re to engage your audience where they spend their time online.
  • The increasing sophistication of consumers has made content a much more effective engagement tool, in doing so accelerating the need to produce it at scale.
  • Content automation helps you keep control of your brand equity. No more finding versions of your ID that you’ve never seen before, on content that isn’t brand compliant.
  • The post-COVID landscape will see increased remote working, and fewer central teams working in a single office or studio.
  • Joule works hand-in-hand with Smartshoring®, leveraging talent 24/7 wherever it may be for the complete creative automation solution.
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Joule Will Help You:

Build creative work at scale, automating anything from tens to thousands of creative iterations.

Personalise your message, using privacy-compliant data to speak to your audience one-to-one.

Leverage live data to adapt your messaging in real time.

Localise your message to speak your local market’s language.

Dynamise your product catalogue, enabling you to update it in real time.

Test, analyse and optimise your marketing to get the most out of your advertising spend.

Adapt Dynamically in Real Time

One of the main benefits of creative automation is its agility in adapting to context, circumstance, market conditions, or changing data. Encoded elements can leverage data to make your content dynamic, relevant and up-to-the-minute:

  • Customise content for specific audiences, such as usage times or preferences, interests or purchase intent.
  • Adjust contextual information like times and dates, audience locations or weather.
  • Keep content right up to date. Changing prices or new promotions, sports odds and results, stock levels or travel information, for example.
  • Tie in with your CRM platform to provide you with actionable insights on customers’ personal tastes, web activity, service usage and purchases.
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Four Steps to Automation

Automating your omnichannel marketing is simpler than you think, with the right platform to do the heavy lifting. The best and most cost-effective way to success requires four steps:

  1. Create a great base creative concept and assets.
  2. Either set up templates from scratch using a template builder, or transform your concepts into custom, reusable templates.
  3. Choose the elements you want to be dynamic; text, pricing, images, the entire thing, and encode your data into each element.
  4. Generate all the iterations you need automatically, review them, distribute them and then analyse customer response.

Any Format Your Brand Appears

Creative automation’s flexibility extends to its application. Automation support backs up almost any digital media channel you can think of:

  • Display advertising
  • In-store/digital signage
  • Social media images, videos and stories
  • Digital Out of Home
  • Print/OOH (Currently partially automated)

For consistent creative automation from a single source, talk to us about Joule.

Next Steps...

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