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Outperform your competition with content at scale

Monday, January 30, 2023
11am – 12pm (Universal/your time!)

About this event

Content isn’t everything. Content at a global scale is everything.

The ever-growing demand for producing large volumes of high-quality content quickly and efficiently, with the right levels of skills, has only accelerated in the pandemic era.

– 64% of consumers wish companies would respond faster to meet their needs*

– 88% of executives think their customers are changing faster than their business can keep up*

How can brands keep pace and meet consumer expectations with content that connects and converts?

In-house teams can’t take this on alone, particularly with budget cuts and a skills shortage. It’s time to look at shifting production models, but what are your options and how can you make the change seamless and low-risk?

We’re bringing together some of the most revolutionary people in global content production to share authentic stories and discuss what it takes to achieve global engagement. If you’re serious about achieving content at scale and outperforming your competitors, this online event is for you.

*(Accenture research including a survey of 850 global executives, and 25,908 consumers aged 18+ across 22 countries).


We have a fantastic line-up of speakers including: