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In today’s competitive global market, there is an ever-prominent need for businesses to show their stability, growth, sustainability, and accessibility. Transparency at all levels is essential for brand success, giving rise to a need for a greater quality of corporate communication across the board.

From showcasing financial reviews to recruiting employees across the globe, communication with stakeholders, customers, and staff is increasingly under the microscope. But how can brands rise to the challenge while staying on budget? 

Read on to learn about offshoring, Smartshoring, and how these innovative solutions can aid corporate communications efforts. 

What are corporate communications?

‘Corporate communications’ is an umbrella term used to refer to the methods through which an organisation communicates with its audiences. These ‘audiences’ can be any internal or external player that has a relationship with the business,  such as:

  • Customers
  • Potential customers
  • Current employees
  • Future employees
  • Key stakeholders (investors, consultants, and associates)
  • The general public 
  • The media 

It is essential that every interaction a business has with these players accurately reflects its purpose and values. Communication of all kinds should be memorable and meaningful, leaving a lasting impression about the care and responsiveness of a brand while instilling a sense of the quality of its products and services. 

The types of communication that fall under this category include (but are not limited to):

Written word

  • Reports
  • Promotional materials 
  • Emails
  • Press releases
  • Memos
  • Advertisements
  • Website copy

Spoken word

  • Press conferences
  • Interviews 
  • Video content 
  • Meetings
  • Sales pitches 


  • Photographs 
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Packaging design
  • General branding

Each of the points above offers a unique opportunity for a business to communicate something about itself to a target audience. In today’s increasingly competitive market, these opportunities are few and far between. So, it is essential that every chance a business gets to ‘communicate’ on behalf of its brand, it does so with great care and deliberation. 

Our corporate communications services

Here at We Are Amnet, we have a highly skilled team of production experts that can take your creative ideas and translate them into a finished product of the highest quality. Adhering to budget and brand specifications accordingly, our production teams can realise your creative visions and create corporate communications resources for all occasions.

As markets become increasingly globalised, organisations must advertise to and communicate with multiple target audiences across the globe to be successful.

As a result of this, business practicalities such as corporate communications are affected by a wide range of cultural, linguistic, and economic factors. The problem? Not all in-house production services can juggle this many moving parts. The solution? Smartshoring.

Smartshoring makes the most effective use of the best talent, wherever it may be by coupling in-country teams with offshore expertise. Let’s take a look at the corporate communications services best suited to this innovative working model. 

1. Recruitment assets 

Up first are recruitment assets, a fundamental form of corporate communication that builds a company from the ground up. Recruitment efforts can often seem like a mammoth task, especially if you are hiring en masse. 

The resources you’ll need to produce should attract new employees and introduce them to your corporate culture, all the while giving them the information they need to apply. While that’s the messaging covered, as you may well know, a successful recruitment strategy reaches across multiple channels. 

As such, you may want to consider the following options of corporate communication to cover your recruitment efforts from end to end:

  • Microsites
  • Social media posts
  • Advertisements 
  • Registration forms and online forms
  • Employee handbooks
  • Welcome packs 

Since recruitment assets have such an important role to play, producing them can take considerable time, resources and expenditure. This is where Smartshoring(R) comes in. By making the most of offshore expertise, businesses can still reap the benefit of high-quality resources while enjoying reduced costs and additional expertise. 

2. Sustainability and social impact resources

Having a coherent sustainability strategy has become imperative for any business — especially for larger companies moving to a new area. 

To gain and maintain credibility among staff and customers,  a business should be able to present its sustainability credentials transparently through resources such as:

  • Sustainability reports 
  • Magazines
  • SOP documents 
  • Infographics & 2D illustrations
  • Explainer videos

Having a global — or at least regional — perspective on sustainability trends and regulations is extremely important when creating these corporate communications resources. If your brand operates from (or markets to) multiple areas, a blanket approach isn’t going to work.

That’s where Smartshoring comes in. With this method, there are no geographical limitations – and cultural or regional specificities can be accounted for when creating corporate communications resources. By making the most of offshore locations and helpful services such as transcreation, sustainability and social impact resources can be written in a way that resonates with a certain area and are compliant with its regulations. 

3. Marketing & advertising 

Marketing and advertising are all-encompassing disciplines which act as the voice of your brand and how it presents itself to the world. Consistency is key here, as is individuality through messaging that paints your brand as offering a unique, viable solution to a consumer problem. 

When your marketing campaign (this can be anything from print media to case studies and presentations) stretches across different regions, it is essential that you customise your corporate communications accordingly. Research should be region-specific and the messaging that you choose to use with consumers should well and truly resonate with their values and reflect their pain points.

Content versioning is a fundamental tool for successful international marketing campaigns, as are localisation and transcreation, services best completed by individuals familiar with those areas. This is why Smartshoring is so effective for brands as it connects them with the talent needed to put their visions into practice. Find out more about how to optimise campaigns for a global audience here.

4. Financial communications 

Your company’s financial communications documents are incredibly important and should be handled with care. On-time delivery, accuracy, ease of digestion, and clarity are all must-haves. Whether it is to investors, shareholders, financial authorities, or your own staff, whatever you release finance-wise (and how you present it) reflects the competence and trustworthiness of your brand. 

At We Are Amnet, our collaboration of in-country teams and offshore expertise allows us to create timely, accurate printed or digital versions of all your financial communications documents for a competitive price, this includes:

  • Investor newsletters & IPO/Stock newsletters
  • Quarterly, half-yearly, and annual reports
  • IPO/Stock newsletters
  • Corporate governance documentation
  • White papers & presentations 
  • Financial statements

5. Employee engagement 

One of the greatest indicators of the health and success of an organisation is its employee engagement rate. So, it is well worth investing time and money into producing stimulating and helpful resources for your staff. These can take the form of:

  • Training manuals and eLearning courses
  • MOM templates
  • Internal communications videos 
  • Brand awareness materials and newsletters 
  • Rewards & recognitions
  • Emailers & dashboards
  • Feedback/Surveys
  • Newsletters
  • HR bulletins
  • Policy documents

It is not always possible to dedicate the funds and time to internal resources. Nor are the skills needed to create them always available in-house. As a result,  an alternative method of production is needed. By outsourcing the creation of these crucial tools, businesses are still able to focus their efforts and attention on employee satisfaction just without it becoming a large financial drain thanks to the economic efficiency of the smartshoring method.

Start your Smartshoring journey today 

If you’re a business owner looking for economically-viable, high-quality solutions to your corporate communications needs, get in touch with the experts at We Are Amnet today to find out more about how our hybrid model of creative production can help your brand achieve its goals.

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