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Your staff are one of your most critical assets. So everything you produce that’s intended to attract new people, integrate them with your corporate culture, inform them, retain them and administer the legal aspects of their time with you, has to be spot on. We can produce everything you’ll need, from microsites and social media posts that get the people you’re looking for applying in the first place, to the welcome packs and handbooks they’ll need once they join.


  • Microsites
  • Social Media Post
  • Design/Communication
  • Advertisements / Classified Ad Designs
  • Registration Forms / Online Forms
  • Welcome Packs
  • Employee Handbook
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A microsite may function outside of your main web pages, but it still has to be on-brand, engaging, and attract people, especially if you’re trying to target specific groups. Whether you need a temporary or permanent solution, if you need it to be trackable and/or interactive, or any other requirement you may have for your microsite, we can undertake recruitment website design and implementation for you from start to finish.

Advertisements/ Classified Ad Designs

Classified ads may have largely moved online from their previous home in the newspapers, but they’re still an important part of many people’s job-hunt process in particular. Accuracy, clear communication and attention to detail are critical, but you also need to stand out in a format that’s relatively limiting compared to some others. That’s where we come in.

Social Media Post Design/Communication

Probably the single most important element of your communication strategy nowadays, as the power of social media has risen exponentially. The right messaging, delivered in the right format and on the right platform, is absolutely essential. Talk to us about an element of your internal and external communications strategy that absolutely has to be spot on, if you want to say the right things to the right people.

Registration Forms/Online Forms

Custom forms, delivered as print-ready artwork or fillable e-forms for online use, may not be particularly exciting, but they’re no less essential a part of your recruitment assets for that. Tell us what data you need to gather, and how you’d like to do it, and we’ll lay out forms that work for both you and your prospective employees, and still carry your brand effectively.

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Welcome Packs

As with any other scenario, first impressions are important. And right now, at a time when remote working has boomed, a welcome package for new employees is an especially important chance to make your new employees feel part of the team, and to show them the ropes. Whether it’s an interactive, online welcome, or you prefer print-ready artwork to put something in their hands (or both!), we can design and produce Welcome Packs that help your employees settle in and reinforce your brand at the same time.

Employee Handbook

Another document that has risen in importance during a time when more employees are working remotely than ever before. Your corporate culture and brand equity are vital, and an employee handbook can play an important part in communicating your values and expectations to everybody, as well as showing them how everything works. Whether yours needs to be produced print-ready, or digitally, or both, talk to us.

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Smartshoring® Model

Our unique Smartshoring® solution makes the most of top talent, wherever it may be, to offer you better value, cost savings and shorter delivery times. It’s an essential tool to enhance your competitive edge.

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