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Employee engagement is so much more than just a way to gauge job satisfaction among your colleagues. With 79% of organisations reporting that fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace was key to their success, it’s clear that modern employees want to feel a sense of involvement and enthusiasm about where they work. Employee engagement has become a driver of success, raising productivity, improving the quality of work and increasing staff retention levels.

Our Employee Engagement services can be your powerful tools in driving job satisfaction and engagement within your organisation.


  • MOM Templates
  • Training Manuals/Materials/Reports
  • Internal Communication Videos
  • Rewards & Recognitions
  • Emailers
  • Dashboards
  • Feedback/Surveys
  • Newsletters/HR bulletins
  • Policy documents
  • eLearning
  • Brand Awareness Materials
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MOM templates

Minutes of Meeting templates provide an efficient way to record the key points of any type of meeting, whether an internal meeting or a project planning meeting with a client. Our MOM templates save you the hassle of drawing them up, providing a ready-made, easy to use way to keep records of your employee engagement initiatives.

Internal Communications Videos

Such a powerful tool for people engagement, if you haven’t produced internal communications videos in the past, now is the time. We offer video post-production services to make sure your end product reflects the standards of your brand.

Training Manuals/Materials/Reports

These critical employee communication documents have come a long way from the dry, long-winded paper versions of the past. Printed, digital or interactive training manuals help employees remain efficient, keep up with new ways of working, new product lines etc. Reports will keep them informed of what’s going on and help build a sense of involvement.

Rewards and Recognitions

Rewards and Recognitions are a great way to fuel employee engagement. Recognising your people for their good work is a win-win, and can include anything from long-service recognition, one-off awards for great work, to new client referrals, right through to retirement.

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Email is still a central communication channel for many organisations, because it’s fast, accessible on multiple devices, and easy to use. We’ll take your creative ideas and produce emailers that grab your employees’ attention.



Newsletters/HR bulletins

Keep your team up to date and informed with newsletters or HR bulletins. There’s nothing more frustrating for employees than a feeling of being in the dark, and printed or digital newsletters and bulletins are an effective way to avoid that sensation in your business.



Taking the pulse of your workplace through a survey is a great way to find out what’s really going on and make changes where necessary. You can gain your colleagues’ feedback at a frequency that works for you and them, and demonstrate that their opinions are important to you. We can produce the templates for you, in whichever form you want to talk to your people.

Policy Documents

Policy Documents effectively lay out your organisation’s processes and values, and provide a useful way of making sure everybody is on the same page. Tell us what you want to say, and we’ll lay it out and produce it clearly and precisely, either in print or digital format.

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An extremely useful element of websites or digital newsletters/emailers, dashboards are an effective way of laying out information clearly, and/or directing users to different functionalities of the platform. We can produce web pages displaying statistics or functions as a dashboard, or incorporate supplied statistical information into other digital documents as dashboards.



Unlock your teams’ potential and provide an ongoing, collaborative upskilling platform through eLearning. Personalisable, engaging and an excellent provider of actionable data, eLearning is training material brought into the digital age.

Brand Awareness Manuals

Your brand is one of your most powerful – and valuable – assets. So it’s important it isn’t watered down, misrepresented or badly iterated. Brand Awareness Manuals keep everyone on brand, save time by having everything laid out in one place, and can be made interactive to provide the branding materials your marketing team needs. However large, small, complex or simple your brand, and whatever format works for you, we can produce a Brand Awareness Manual that helps protect one of your most precious assets.

Smartshoring® Model

Our unique Smartshoring® model makes the best use of talent, wherever it may be, to produce your Employee Engagement material – whatever you might need. Talk to us to see how we can help you implement your internal communications strategy.

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