Agency Partnership Evolution

Partnering with Salt Studios on Revlon, Mitchum & Topps Trading

Salt Studios partners with We Are Amnet to deliver global brand campaigns
Salt Studios, a design and production studio based in New York, specialises in CGI, creative retouching and digital content production. It is a centre for excellence and G7 approved.

Salt Studios had worked with We Are Amnet for several years. The relationship was limited to providing digital art & mechanical page builds and layouts as well as ADA compliance. When the packaging opportunity at Revlon opened up, Salt Studios did an extensive search among its existing and potential partners across the globe.


Joint pitch which won Revlon packaging business
We Are Amnet stepped up. Senior management sent over a packaging manager to the US who stayed in New York for 10 weeks working with Salt Studios to plan, price, build and refine its pitch to Revlon’s Hair Care and Personal Care Divisions.


Building a bespoke team to suit Revlon’s requirements
When the packaging work was assigned, We Are Amnet’s management pivoted to build a robust but scalable team of AI packaging experts, operators, and quality control support.

The “deep drill” and commitment to on-site support during the pitch and through the initial start-up phase was more than impressive. It blew the competition out of the water.

Most importantly, We Are Amnet could provide all the services required, which included:


  • retouching
  • pre-media
  • multiple pack formats and finishes
  • 3D modelling and design adaptation.

The ability to keep all the work with one resource is an invaluable benefit for Salt’s business and their client relationships.

The relationship develops to include other brands

Salt Studios has learned that We Are Amnet is not only able but eager to play its essential sustaining role, and later trialled new work and accounts. The results were equally impressive, gradually giving We Are Amnet more responsibilities such as photo editing for Topps Trading Cards.


Partnership results in doubling of assigned work with Topps Trading
Today, with the oversight of Salt Studios, production and creative supervision the We Are Amnet team has successfully partnered to double the assigned work for retouching and photo editing with Topps Trading. The team is scalable in size and equally fluent in Topps’ brand guidelines, creative needs and quality standards.


The partnership between We Are Amnet and Salt evolves
So successful has this association been that Salt Studios has permanently partnered with We Are Amnet and become part of the enerji group. Continuing to provide high quality services with the additional support, scope and scalability that the partnership brings.

salt partnership

Amnet’s second shift and weekend availability is an essential component in meeting our speed to market requirements.

Joe SavattieriDirector of Operations


“Too many companies call themselves your partner for just
doing a job as expected. Amnet has, for 7 years, truly earned
the accolade “Partner”. Amnet has been an essential partner,
helping to expand our services and helping us adapt to new price
models or constraints in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Larry Bachmann, Cross Media Specialist – Salt Studios