How Smartshoring helped a leading marketing execution agency win new business

Case study

A leading marketing execution agency in the UK approached We Are Amnet to support one of their existing clients. The challenge? They needed help rebranding 18,000 pages of documents. Some documents were converted into interactive PDFs with a three to four-month deadline while other individual documents required a 48hr turnaround time.

Without the support of We Are Amnet, the agency wouldn’t have been able to undertake this with its existing resources. Our Smartshoring® model of using the best talent, wherever they may be, meant that the leading agency was able to quickly scale up by getting access to our existing talent and using them as an extension of their team.


  • Immediate access to a dedicated team of 4 – 6 operators and a project manager, with no start-up costs and no time needed to hire additional talent.
  • 18,000 pages in 3 months, which exceeded the client’s expectations and allowed them to win additional business from their client.
  • 24/7 shift patterns so that the work could be briefed at the end of the client’s day, worked on overnight and delivered in the morning.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Quality and consistency across brand assets were produced because of our stringent quality control procedures.
  • Image retouching services for photography in the documents provided the agency with faster turnaround times by maintaining all of the services in one place..
  • 24-hour turnaround times. Always hitting campaign deadlines allowing the agency to focus on other areas of their business for growth.
  • Quality and consistency across all brand assets produced from our stringent quality control procedures and ISO 9001:2015: Quality Audits.

By Smartshoring®, the execution agency exceeded their client’s expectations, giving them the ability and trust to continue the relationship and work on more publishing projects. They also rolled out this service to their other corporate clients, creating additional revenue and allowing them to
keep their creative team focused on the core creative work.