Case study

Built brand trust and a partnership from a successful pilot project.

A well-known global creative technology company with locations in Europe, America, and Asia asked We Are Amnet to help develop its offshore model after receiving a recommendation on its intuitive and forward-thinking approach to offshoring.

Five years ago, after hearing Chennai was a center of excellence in India, this global creative agency decided to commission us with their first pilot project. We later earned their trust and partnership after they tested the chemistry, communication, and quality of our studio’s work.

Our studio and their team worked together seamlessly across high- volume campaigns with precision and excellent organization. As a result, We Are Amnet exceeded their expectations and won their loyalty.

Energy, enthusiasm, and flexibility – a shared culture

We strengthened the relationship further when we flew high-profile members of the global agency to Chennai to meet their dedicated team face-to-face.

Our businesses bonded over the shared belief in people-first company cultures, high-energy and enthusiastic teams, going above and beyond for the client, and adapting to clients’ needs.

How we prepared a global full-service agency, that uses technology to deliver targeted creative for the future with the power of Smartshoring.
You want partners to have a similar culture and approach, to understand those client relationships are key, and without clients, we don't have businesses fundamentally.

We Are Amnet exceeds expectations once again

The balance between service, quality, and affordability was key for the agency. Because most campaigns they manage require short lead times, it’s vitally important to produce the work on time. By providing 24hr support and delivering quality projects on time, We Are Amnet effectively works as an extension of their team to develop high-volume assets across:

  • Print/press adaptation
  • HTML5 & static digital banners
  • Newsletter development
  • Rebranding of print and digital materials
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Form creation/re-branding


“We have been very impressed with We Are Amnet’s agility and commitment to really see a project through. We have had many occasions where we couldn’t have done it without them going the extra mile to get a job done, and this really shines through in everything that they do.”

Group Commercial Director – a global creative technology company

“Amnet has effectively become an extension of our production arm in the US. Our first campaign working with them – the World Cup digital campaign for Adidas in 2018 – was a baptism of fire, but the Chennai team went above and beyond to ensure successful delivery. We have since gone on to work with them on design briefs, as well as forging a great working relationship with the motion team in Mumbai. They are a fantastic partner for the agency in the US, not to mention being a very nice bunch of people too.”

VP of Operations – a global creative technology company