Case study

Smartshoring® transforms Inizio Medical output and performance while providing significant cost savings


Inizio Medical (Ashfield Medcomms & ApotheCom)

Ashfield Medcomms is a global healthcare and medical communications business with over 830 staff in North America, Europe, Africa and Japan.

ApotheCom has a full suite of medical, marketing, advisory and engagement services. The team comprises 130 PhDs and PharmDs and more than 250 content developers

Ashfield’s in-house creative and production team approached We Are Amnet in July 2022 to help solve their challenge.

The Challenge

Inizio’s existing offshore provider was significantly more expensive than We Are Amnet and their lead times were getting longer, building up pressure in the Ashfield studio. The variable volume of scientific graphs, illustrations and PowerPoints coming into the studio was also adding additional pressure.

The Solution

We developed a hybrid model of fixed term FTEs to handle the regular volume and a transactional model to cover peaks and troughs in the workload.

With our global Smartshoring model we were also able to provide excellence in communication and quality through our in-country client services teams and stringent quality controls through our Quality Design Program and ISO 9000 certification.

The Process

We conducted test work across two projects for Ashfield Medcomms UK team, ensuring we met their quality, time for completion and cost expectations.

Next, the onboarding process where a team of 10 were trained on the Ashfield Medcomms brand guidelines and started live work on a transactional basis covering both Ashfield Medcomms UK and US regions. Included within the 10 were two dedicated brand guardians ensuring quality and consistency in the work across multiple regions.

By developing into an international footprint within the first 6 months, Ashfield Medcomms made sure they were getting maximum commercial value.

Inizio then introduced ApotheCom who starting using our Smartshoring services in September 2023.

“Our production team worked closely with the Ashfield Medcomms to align to their processes, ways of working and most importantly the brand guidelines. Within a few weeks of working on live projects with the UK team, we were introduced to the US team”.

Umesh Bhudia, Senior Account Manager, We Are Amnet.