How Smartshoring supported maternity cover and blossomed into a five-year-long relationship.

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A full-service leading creative agency for retailers, approached We Are Amnet to temporarily cover two staff members going on maternity leave at the same time. Five years on, this relationship has strengthened and the importance of Smartshoring is recognized as We Are Amnet is trusted with one of their biggest and long-term supermarket brands of over 20 years.


  • A strong team of 8, full-time in Chennai providing 24/7 studio services producing no start-up costs and more profit for the agency.
  • Over 50,000 digital (e-commerce) and print (in-store) assets, on time and to budget.
  • A flexible and scalable team that can scale up and down when needed during campaign peaks and troughs.
  • Market-leading and high-end expertise in image services and retouching.
  • 24-hour turnaround times. Always hitting campaign deadlines allowing the agency to focus on other areas of their business for growth.
  • Quality and consistency across all brand assets produced from our stringent quality control procedures and ISO 9001:2015: Quality Audits.