Smartshoring in Action


To revamp a disorganised freelance in-house packaging art/mechanical effort for Erno Laszlo’s 1400 SKUs of primary, secondary and gift combo packages into a streamlined, organised and dedicated team.

Eliminate “bounce back” files from printers, i.e., material set up incorrectly requiring revision and causing delay.

Decrease the number of rounds before approvals by improving operator knowledge of brand guidelines.

Service Delivery:


  • Flexible, dedicated AI packaging team built to accommodate peak and slower periods
  • Decreased the number of amends required through immersion into Erno Laszlo’s brand guidelines to achieve product uniformity and consistency
  • Revamped the library/catalogue system for organising assets, reducing delays and rebuilds


  • Partner : Salt Studios
  • Brand : Erno Laszlo
  • Services : Packaging


“Amnet has the rare ability to immediately identify the proper talent and procedures needed to build a team that satisfies a client’s or brand’s production needs. It is difficult to quantify the benefits of such ability but it is undoubtedly an essential part of our success at Erno Laszlo and other packaging clients.”

Larry Bachmann, Cross Media Specialist, Salt Studios