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When it comes to marketing, the healthcare sector has its own unique set of challenges to overcome. From bridging the trust gap between companies and patients to counterbalancing digital underinvestment, the very nature of healthcare makes marketing for this industry a difficult task. 

However, the payoff greatly exceeds the input. There is an impressive range of benefits that come with investing time, money, and attention into marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Read on as we run through these benefits below.

Improved brand awareness

While a point about brand awareness may seem better suited to a retail company, healthcare companies are brands too. Though it is easy to overlook the fact, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers require a strong level of brand awareness to succeed – just as much as other sectors do.

There is an underappreciated aspect of customer choice in healthcare after all — patients can choose the companies they trust with their well-being, rendering these companies in direct competition with each other. 

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, over 77% of healthcare patients start their journey to receiving treatment on search engines. 

Healthcare marketing gives organisations the best chance possible, then, to attract new customers, by showcasing their services in an accessible and attractive manner.

New audiences reached

Another benefit of healthcare companies using multiple channels to market their services is the possibility of new audiences. 

In recent years, the way in which the public gathers and responds to information has changed dramatically, owing to the growth of social media.  Healthcare providers must move with the times and tailor their marketing efforts to these new channels. As a result, new audiences that were previously unaware or unfamiliar with a healthcare provider can be segmented and drawn in with information on a platform that resonates with them. 

As an example, where long-standing patients of a private practice may receive advertising material through the post, new, younger prospective patients are much more likely to encounter (and be receptive to) digital banner advertising on online platforms.

Competitive advantage

As we’ve established, healthcare providers are in competition with one another just like rival retail chains. This competition gives rise to a need for healthcare firms to advertise their services and present themselves as the most viable option to consumers in an increasingly-saturated market. 

Marketing services such as publication & reports and digital & print advertising are what allow healthcare companies to do so. Through these services, healthcare companies can directly communicate with prospective patients about things such as:

  • The level of care patients will receive
  • The quality of the services on offer
  • The benefits of their healthcare services 
  • Reminders such as flu-jab and check ups

The need for a competitive marketing strategy that resonates with customers becomes even more pressing when considering the lifetime retention aspect. Simply gaining a patient is one thing, but making sure they keep using your healthcare services is another thing entirely. This is where brand consistency and specific messaging come into play. A unified approach across all channels that pushes the benefits of remaining with a certain healthcare firm is a surefire way to promote patient loyalty.

Reducing the spread of misinformation 

One of the most pressing concerns for healthcare companies is the spread of misinformation. Much more so than in other sectors, the requirement for accuracy is a key priority in the healthcare industry – since human health and life may be at risk. 

At this point, it becomes vital to remember that marketing is not just brand promotion, but a strategic tool used by companies to communicate core information about their products and services to audiences. Yes, this information is often to do with seasonal promotions and campaigns, but marketing channels are also an effective way to disseminate critical information to people.

If healthcare providers invest in regular, targeted communication with their audiences through marketing services, then patients and potential clients are able to receive more accurate, helpful information directly, leading to a strengthening of the bonds between provider and patient. 

Reach marketing excellence with We Are Amnet

At this point, it’s undeniable that the benefits of healthcare marketing vastly outweigh the challenges. Healthcare is a valid service that requires optimised, strategic advertising just like any other discipline. But where to start?

We Are Amnet is an offshore creative production studio with an impressive range of marketing services, tailorable for companies in all sectors and of all sizes. Thanks to our unique Smartshoring model, we make it possible for brands of all sizes (and in all sectors) to succeed in elevating their market performance with creative production services.

Making use of the best talent, wherever it may be, allows healthcare companies to access marketing resources that are high-quality, have a fast turnaround, and offer a competitive advantage. 

If you are a healthcare professional looking for digital and social media marketing, or perhaps assistance with image services and retouching on behalf of your firm, get in touch with us today.

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