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Behind every successful healthcare marketing campaign is a successful strategy. And behind that? An impressive set of creative production services to generate reliable, quality assets. 

Here at We Are Amnet, we specialise in managing creative production for multi-channel campaigns and have done so for organisations across all sectors. Over the years, we’ve had our fair share of experience with the healthcare industry and understand the unique challenges and benefits that come with healthcare marketing.

In response, we’ve compiled a list of the best creative production services that healthcare marketers can access below. Read on to find out more. 

Packaging design

For healthcare companies, packaging is one of the most important points of contact with patients and customers in terms of impact and tangibility.

Something that is unique to healthcare products is that people actually read the packaging. Boxes and labels display important information about dosage, age limits, side effects, use-by dates, and other things that are crucial for patients to know before using the products or taking the medicine inside. As a result, medical packaging has a difficult job to do — more than just advertising. The creative production of medical packaging is extremely important as errors can be life-threatening. 

In a different vein, consistency in packaging appearance is another crucial factor. Patients often become familiar with a certain type of branded packaging — its fonts, colours, textures —  and rely on that. Consistency in packaging and being able to locate and pick a pack off the shelf builds trust and loyalty, and is a successful ingredient in any company’s relationship with its customers. 

So, a combination of services such as colour management, design adaptation, and 3D modelling, and rendering become essential to creating and maintaining packaging that reassures patients that a specific medical product is trustworthy and reliable as well as consistent. Take a look at how our packaging design services for beauty giant, Avon, enabled global consistency for their brand while displaying enough product-specific information to customers.

Publications & reports

Another core creative production service that healthcare marketers should utilise is the creation of publications and reports. The more official nature of assets such as reports fits logically with the healthcare industry’s need for accuracy and simplicity in presentation to suit a wide range of needs.

Internal and external updates can be presented intelligently through the reports to audiences of patients and other healthcare professionals alike. However, a balancing act between reassuring warmth for patients and appropriate medical language must be maintained in this content.

While it is expected that these publications should be fact-checked and cross-referenced, they should also be engaging and easy to read. Take it from us as design experts, reams of small print isn’t the way forward. So, if a healthcare company wishes to release an internal annual report on its performance or send an informative brochure to stakeholders at any level, the following services would be essential to produce an engaging resource:

  • Page layout
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Image services

If your company is looking to make its publications more engaging and effective, browse our corporate communications services here. 


Image services & retouching

In any industry, the images accompanying a marketing campaign are directly related to that campaign’s success. Marketing campaign images should be dynamic, correctly sized, striking, relevant, sharp, and high-quality. 

The production and modification of these high-quality images should also be done with a quick turnaround in response to any external stimuli or last-minute changes.

These high visual standards are no different when it comes to the healthcare sector. In fact, the quality of images is perhaps more important in healthcare marketing campaigns than elsewhere as, oftentimes, these images are informational resources that assist and inform patients. This can take the form of diagrams, safety warnings, or even slogans such as the “Catch it, Kill it, Bin it” campaign. 

In cases like these, having clear, consistent, quality images that speak to a national audience is vital. Background extensions and element removal services can help to make certain features more striking and clear, while colour matching and retouching can enhance the overall visual impact of a photo in a campaign. 

Once a solid set of visual assets is created, they can be applied to a variety of different contexts and have a range of different uses such as in display campaigns or for e-commerce purposes.

Transcreation & localisation

More so than any other industry, marketing in the healthcare sector often has international reach. For example, certain medications and products are dispatched and prescribed across numerous regions and in multiple different languages.

So, for healthcare marketers, a socio-linguistic challenge arises. Now that markets are increasingly globalised — and audiences are increasingly diverse — marketing efforts for healthcare must take into consideration the following:

  • Language differences
  • Cultural sensitivities
  • Regional dialects
  • Customs & traditions
  • Idioms, local phrases, & common sayings
  • Mistranslations

When it comes to advertising a product across multiple different regions at once, a blanket approach such as Google Translate won’t cut it. This is where services such as transcreation and localisation come in. The messaging of campaigns and the wording on the packaging and any accompanying documentation should be localised and tailored to the area being targeted in order for it to be successful. 

When dealing with potentially harmful products such as medication and healthcare apparatus, a company cannot afford translation errors or poorly worded messaging that brings down its reputation in a certain area. Whether in reports or in digital advertising media, content should be suitable for readers in all areas and messaging should feel tailored to them rather than copied and pasted across.

Our creative production services 

Whether you are in the healthcare industry or another sector, if your business could benefit from any one of the range of creative production services we offer, contact us today

Unique to We Are Amnet is our intelligent hybrid model, Smartshoring®, where we twin in-country teams with offshore expertise to deliver the quickest and highest quality service possible. In the meantime, for more strategic business marketing insights, head over to our blog.

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