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Retouching is an established advertising service, but both the skills required and demand for quality retouching are still increasing. In today’s attention economy, retouching is an essential part of a Brand’s competitive advantage to generate awareness and sales.

Whether it’s a product shot on Amazon, a lifestyle shot on Instagram or a fashion model in Vogue, retouching can define how effective your audience engages with your campaign or brand.

Retouching, a craft which requires artistry, technique and attention to detail, is at the core of Amnet’s design services.

Retouching refers to any process used to physically or digitally alter an image in order to improve its appearance. It is increasingly important in a world where poor quality images can have a serious impact on customer perceptions of your brand.

Modern retouching relies on photo editing software which has a number of tools including blurring brushes and colour replacement tools. These have a range of uses; from sharpening images by removing defects, editing physical defects on a model’s skin, removing backgrounds, correcting colour, image masking, shadow creation and image manipulation. Increasingly, however, retouching involves going beyond simply improving the quality of the image. Retouchers are often asked to produce high quality, slick looking images which align with the vision of their clients, something which is particularly important in marketing content for fashion and beauty brands.

Amnet’s Retouching Services

Amnet has a highly skilled team which provides exceptional quality to inspire your customers. Through working alongside brand owners and agencies, we have expertise across a range of industry sectors allowing us to fulfil any brief, no matter its complexity. Our approach is inherently client focused and we have a range of tools, such as colour correction and advanced image composition, which allow us to maximise your brand’s impact, across all channels.

Amnet’s retouching services offers both

Expertise: Our deep understanding of photography and high-quality editing software places us in the best position to make your business stand out from the crowd
Quality: Our graphics designers pay attention to every detail of your content, delivering a consistent finish to all your images

To find out more about how Amnet’s retouching and other graphics services can support your marketing initiatives, please contact us at

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