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The 2023 Benchmark Report gave an exciting look into the state of the offshore industry. Key insights included the need for flexibility in the modern economy, the data around what is getting offshored and why, as well as what offshoring would look like for the coming year, were all part of the discoveries:

  • 62% of surveyed companies had one or two offshore partners, and 49% of participating organisations had been working with those partners for four years or more.
  • 44% of participants ranked Banner & Digital Ads in their top three offshored services, considering it the most suited to offshore production.
  • 61% of participants predicted that offshoring would have the greatest investment out of all production models in 2023.

In preparation of this annual paper, we’re proud to ask for your input in producing the 2024 Global Benchmark Report for Offshore Creative Production.

The Fifth Edition Is Coming Soon

As 2024 approaches, this unique annual report will once again be produced by TKM Consultants, sponsored by We Are Amnet, with Producers & Procurers iQ as the global media partner.

We are looking for any brands or in-house agencies involved in creative, digital, content, production, and communications functions. CEOs, MDs, or Directors of Creative, Studio, Operations, or Production all have valued experiences. Those in the finance, client, or marketing sectors have contributed in the past, and we welcome their views again.

If you think you might have insights, we want to listen.

Why Do We Need This Report?

As the world seems set to remain at its current VUCA level, these insights are as vital as ever to ascertaining how offshoring and creative production are functioning, and how they can adapt.

  • Which new social, economic, or technological developments are worth paying attention to?
  • What are the financial impacts of offshoring?
  • Can we discover the data behind the ‘what, why, who, and when’ of offshoring?

The Benchmark Report will be comprehensive in its overview of the state of offshoring and creative production as 2024 begins.

How Can You Take Part?

As a participant in the survey, a complimentary copy of the report will be made available to you, as well as an invitation to a webinar, in which industry leaders will be breaking down the findings.

To make your voice heard and have your say in the future of creative production, take the survey here. Thank you, in advance, for your participation.

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