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2024 global

For Offshore
Creative Production

The definitive report to benchmark your existing offshore relationships, find out how your peers are using offshoring and build a business case.
The 2024 Global Benchmark Report for Offshore Creative Production, now in its 5th year, shines a light on the macro challenges facing marketing teams and agencies, and how to best scale-up content production without compromising on quality.
You will learn:


  • Which production models are getting the most investment in 2024
  • Top areas of content production spend
  • Savings expectations across a range of offshore services
  • Technology expectations from an offshore partner
  • Factors most important for a successful relationship
  • How success is being measured
“Outsourcing with an offshore model allows us the ability to produce content deliverables within a shorter SLA due to turn-around time. We’ve seen a campaign with 30-100 deliverables managed overnight with offshoring compared to several days or weeks for in-house development.”
Joa Pope, Senior Director,
Marketing Program & Project Management Office


"The future is having a base level of expertise and agility, and while in-house is key, this should be augmented with partners who can develop resources at scale. Our internal experts can work with partners to brief and uphold quality, while scaling."

Glynn Godwin

Director (Creative Team), In-House Agency
Ashfield Medcomms, Inizio Medical