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Taking the Leap to In-House Agency (IHA) 

Making the move from agency to in-house can be a big step for any business. How on earth do you navigate building a new in-house team, perhaps from scratch, without getting completely overwhelmed? Well, done right, developing your IHA (in-house agency) can transform your working practices and company trajectory – with minimal set-up stress.

Let’s talk through what it could do for you, how to do it effectively, and how to nurture your team to ensure longevity and success.

Proving the Value of your IHA 

We all want to make the most of the time and money we have, and it can seem an easy and effective option to outsource our work wherever possible – but it’s all about comparing the value and costs vs working with external agencies – however, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition, especially when a particular discipline is required and the team / skills don’t exist in-house.

So if you’ve decided to bring your creative in-house, you need to define who you are as a business and as a team. The ultimate test is what the return on investment is and whether you actually have a method of measuring the impact of work completed or not.

Meaningful business relationships are hard to develop and maintain, and you simply can’t overestimate the importance of a shared culture and company shorthand. That’s where in-house teams can be worth their salt, especially if it’s tied in with educating clients through thought leadership too.

Recognising when to (re)develop your team in-house can be a wonderful resolution. Your team will have intimate knowledge of your brand, have a faster output and more control especially when it comes to production. Ensuring you have a team where every single member is valued and dedicated to team efforts, whether your employees are desk-sharing or working remotely, is the key to success. Direct contact with your team also means better communication all around, full transparency into how hours are used, and where your money is spent.

Sourcing your New Team 

Finding, hiring, training and managing the right team can often be harder than it looks, but it doesn’t need to be exhausting – alongside traditional recruitment options and working within your pre-existing networks, offshoring or Smartshoring to extend your dedicated working team is now a viable option. Companies like We Are Amnet offer global creative production services from the very best individuals from across the globe. Bringing We Are Amnet onboard – whatever your project or trajectory – means you can overcome those in-house staff challenges and focus your team/s on their primary roles and away from mundane tasks that can swallow up the day.

At every stage of IHA development, you need strong people who can learn new skills, remain agile and take on other responsibilities tossed their way as your brand evolves. First things first, you need a great offer and interview process – and this is best developed with a dedicated HR team. Expert human resources who know the sector you’re hiring for can take time to clarify what roles you need, and the expertise you’ll need from each individual. They will be able to profile job descriptions, highlight expected rates of pay and employee benefits that will be most attractive to prospective employees.

It’s also important to utilise this time to outline your expected values as a business, as well as the values you’ll need to highlight to candidates too. Take real time to think about the benefits package you’re going to offer. It’s not enough to add “working from home” as a perk anymore, as this is expected. Do you offer enhanced benefits? This is the opportunity to shout about them. Can people bring their pooch to the office? Showcase your puppy-safe area in the office in your photos.

If you have company values or even a mission statement, consider how you may promote this, as you’re laying the foundation for a brand new team, potentially with a brand new ethos to match. Make a plan for how you’ll onboard new team members, or reintegrate staff from other areas of the business too.

As you prepare for hires, it’s also important to ensure you have a solid onboarding process to train newcomers quickly and efficiently. Ensuring your team has the knowledge and confidence to get the job done will give them the room to make the role their own and help your company thrive.

Retaining your In-House Staff 

When it comes to keeping your team onside, consider how you’ll manage your teams’ performance – ensure that everyone understands their role and make sure that proper procedures are in place to support the work, as well as a framework for when things don’t quite go to plan.

If you have repetitive production tasks that are getting your team in a tight spot, think about Smartshoring or offshoring to help unburden and increase team performance.

Once you’ve brought in a great team, how do you keep them happy and ensure that they are with you for the long haul? Creating a nurturing, positive company culture that cares for and develops employees is central, alongside opportunities for professional growth. When your team feels seen and valued, with space to grow, they’re likely to embrace the brand and develop loyalty that ensures you have efficiency and creativity you can rely on. Allowing teams to maintain relationships and communicate effectively across departs allows for more cohesive working, again saving you time and misunderstandings.

Time for a New Era!

We hope this gives you a bit of help in starting to think about where an in-house agency may be beneficial to your company, and how you can get things started. While it can seem daunting, when you have a clear plan in mind, and the right people to help you source and establish your team, you can be confident in a great outcome. Start assessing your existing team today, see the possibilities available through We Are Amnet and how they can help you today.

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