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A defined company culture and strong value system are critical to drive success

“If employees know what their company stands for, then they are much more likely to make decisions that will support those standards. They are also more likely to feel as if they are an important part of the organisation. They are motivated because life in the company has meaning for them.”

(Terrence Deal / Alan Kennedy)

In an environment where businesses are having to consciously adapt their strategies in response to ever-changing industry trends and dynamics, it is easy to side-line the establishment and maintenance of a strong company culture and core values.

What are they and why do they matter?

Culture and values are like a firm’s genetic code; it is necessary to define core attributes in relation to what an organisation believes in, its way of doing business and its corporate character. Core values naturally exist, they don’t need to be invented, but merely discovered.

The power of culture and values lies in the creation of a unique company identity; they are like a fingerprint – it may be similar to others, but it is uniquely distinct to your business. A strong organisational culture supported by an underlying value system can clearly differentiate a business from its competitors in the mind of its prospects, customers and competition.

A strong company culture underpinned by its values also make a considerable contribution to improving business performance by motivating employees and coordinating their behaviour towards a vision and specific performance goals that benefit the company.

Fundamentally a strong company culture and value system will:

  • Inspire action and help individuals make decisions
  • Educate clients on the identity of your business and what it stands for
  • Communicate what is important and influence overall behaviour

At Amnet, our values define who we are and act as our guide in all that we do. Our values in a nutshell are:

  1. Continuous improvement
  2. Customer obsession
  3. Member growth
  4. Prudent cost management
  5. Relentless pursuit of excellence

Our values inspire us to continually invest in our members and teams in order to enhance their capabilities for both their personal growth and on-going client relationships. Our obsession with customers and strong track record of delivering work of the highest quality has allowed us to develop a truly global footprint, partnering with hundreds of clients worldwide.

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