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Account Managers are an integral part of We Are Amnet, because they foster and nurture relationships with our clients by providing updates on the studio’s progress. They also ensure that each project remains on brand and is delivered on time. This month’s Employee with Enerji is Rachel Mortimer, Account Manager for We Are Amnet, EMEA. Rachel acts as the in-country point of contact between our customers in EMEA and our studio in India.

Keep reading to learn more about Rachel!

1) If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

I actually haven’t seen too much of the world, but based on existing experiences it would be Italy – I’m a huge fan of the food! I also love what I’ve seen and heard about Scandinavian countries, and I’m visiting Sweden for the first time in April, so watch this space. 

2) Who is your favorite celebrity, and why?

The answer to this probably changes by the month, but right now I’d say Lewis Capaldi! I recently went to see him perform and I just love the way he presents himself as purely himself and doesn’t try to fit himself into any ‘celebrity’ stereotypes, plus he’s got a lovely voice.

3) What are you currently watching/reading, and why?

Currently reading: Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, the retelling of how Joe overcame so many challenges to complete his journey down the mountain. It’s possibly one of the most inspiring reads filled with examples of teamwork, determination, problem solving, and pure courage. I don’t think I’ll be scaling any mountains soon, but I do feel like I could face challenges in a whole new mindset! 

4) What is your least favorite food, and why?

Raw onions. Couldn’t explain why – just one of those things. 

5) When was the last time you tried something new, what was it, and what did you learn from the experience? 

Way too long ago – I’m on the hunt for something new to try. I took adult ice skating lessons a few years ago. Like most of my class, I’d seen Dancing on Ice and loved the idea of looking that graceful. I’m no professional, but I did learn a lot about throwing yourself into things, you have to commit to the moves in order for them to work, otherwise you will definitely be falling down. 

6) What is your favorite part about your job at We Are Amnet? 

I’m definitely a people person – so my favorite part of working here at We Are Amnet is getting to speak to so many people from different locations, backgrounds, and cultures, through both our great clients and our WAA teams around the world! 

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