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People consume content online 24/7, so the digital marketing world has to maintain a pretty fast pace. The best digital agencies are always looking for new ways to expand their omnichannel networks and create engaging content in competitive markets. But never letting the feed go silent comes with a cost – namely creative burnout, stressed employees, and poor company culture. 

As a digital agency, how can you support the needs of both your clients and your creative team? How can you consistently turn out high-quality, impactful digital assets, without overloading your staff? 

Here’s the secret: successful digital marketing agencies aren’t doing it all themselves. They’re building outside support networks for their in-house teams.

Offshore rates produced with in-house quality.

The best digital agencies value both their creative output and their team members. But in the fast-paced digital market, the demand for content can quickly surpass the capacity of your internal team. This leads to staff who feel stretched too thin to create the best quality creative assets.

But imagine a reality where you could spread the work around, freeing up your team to focus on the big picture while generating even more content for your clients. All you need is a partnership with a global creative production studio.

Outsourcing allows you to create a hybrid model for your agency, giving you greater flexibility in resources and quicker turnaround times, all at a lower cost. It connects you to expert creatives outside your in-house network, allowing you to create even more high-quality digital assets.

Beyond helping produce specific assets, Smartshoring® connects you to in-country client support in the form of a brand ambassador – someone trained to follow your client’s brand and style guide down to the smallest details. The result? Offshore content that looks like it was created in-house. 

A ripple effect of benefits

Smartshoring® creates a true ripple effect of benefits for your agency. First, you’ll be able to create engaging digital assets faster and at a lower cost, allowing you greater flexibility in your campaign budgets. You can tap experts in key areas like SEO, email marketing, or social media advertising to boost your projects, without having to hire new full-time staff.

And outsourcing some creative production decreases the workload weighing on your in-house team. With these responsibilities taken care of elsewhere, they’re free to focus on other high-level tasks, such as customer acquisition and retention. This in turn helps them reduce stress and avoid creative burnout. 

When your digital agency partners with a global production agency, you can actually improve your company culture and boost employee retention. You’ve already put in the work to make sure your team is the best in the business. Now, make sure you have the support network in place to keep them.

Ready to support your team with Smartshoring®?

If you want to see how outsourcing to a global creative production studio can benefit your digital marketing agency, we’re here to help. Book a discovery call with We Are Amnet today to learn more about landing high-quality, cost-effective creative support for your business.

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