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“In-house agencies should always have an offshore partner to take on the work that they can’t take on. My offshore partner stepped up and delivered by getting 600 assets out of the door in 2 weeks.” – Marie Philemon, Director of Creative Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line.

If you work in the advertising, marketing, or creative production industries, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “content-at-scale” before. This means producing high volumes of content efficiently, without sacrificing quality in the process. But in our current world that includes rocky economies, mass layoffs, and a looming recession, how are companies achieving content-at-scale in 2023?

The answer is simple: offshoring.

Why should you offshore creative content? Again, it is very simple: because offshoring is fast.

“Production and offshore teams have teams all over the world so they are able to quickly turn around things for you when your internal team is struggling.” – Navi Singh, Head of Influencer Program, Wish.

Offshoring is also reliable.

“Using a production house has been really helpful because it allows us to be able to scale for these last-minute projects.” – Marie Philemon, Director of Creative Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line.

Offshoring helps in-house teams and agencies.

“The major thing we are actually doing at the moment is trying to find the right balance between a model where we have an offshore partner, and in-house team available.” – Puneet Srivastava, Head of Digital Content & Services Lab, Roche.

And finally, offshoring is a step in the right direction…

“At the very beginning I’m like, ‘I want to know what editor I have. What producer am I working with? Who is the designer that is going to dedicate their time to this above other things?’ Because that’s the only way we’re going to make it work. So breaking down those barriers and helping people there understand [that] it’s okay, I know we’ve been working this one way for a while, but you have to trust me that this is going to give us something better in the end.” – Jim Schmidt, Senior Creative Director, International Monetary Fund.

…and Smartshoring® is the way of the future. What do we mean by that? Offshoring is when agencies and brands utilize offshore studios to tackle their mass content-at-scale responsibilities, but Smartshoring® is a modernized approach that includes in-country client support in addition to offshore creative production expertise. Your in-country account manager at We Are Amnet ensures that your assets stay on brand, and are delivered on time as well as within budget.

Ready to see success with Smartshoring®?

If you want to see how outsourcing to a global creative production studio ignites companies like yours with supreme content-at-scale, we’re here to help. Book a discovery call with We Are Amnet today to learn more about landing high-quality, cost-effective creative support for your business.

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