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As of January 2020, there were over 4.5 billion global internet users (

As the primary resource for connecting the world, whether it be for research, education, retail, entertainment, social engagement, news and much, much more, it’s unsurprising that since 2000, over 1.5 billion websites have now been created servicing businesses and consumers around the world (
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Businesses have little choice but to invest in their online presence to engage effectively with their customer base, but the good news is that there are now countless Content Management Systems available as the CMS market matures at pace. The challenge, of course, is that it can often be difficult to decide on which tool to use when creating or redesigning your website. Whether your focus is brand awareness or lead generation, you’ll need to focus on more than just the design or user experience, but also think more around how best to manage the content, keep the site up to date, how to integrate your CRM data and ensure the site is secure and safe for your customers.

With many CMS’s out there, the most popular ones on the market include Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and DNN, and these platforms provide many opportunities for building and extending the functionality of your site. WordPress, for example, offers over 55,000 plugins to add additional features (, from interactive elements like live chats, to having multiple users collaborating in the back end. Or, if you are you looking to display your content on any device, have the option to edit a pre-designed template with drag-and-drop editors. A leading CMS can provide access to all these features, as well as the flexibility needed to improve the experience of both your marketing team and your visitors. However, it is key that you get the selection and build of the platform right from the start.

What are the advantages of selecting a leading CMS? 

  • Improve your digital marketing and retain competitive edge
  • Enable workflow management with better automation
  • A simple and easy to use interface to showcase your services and products that can be regularly updated, without any technical skills or involvement of development teams
  • Ability to continually add new features via plug-ins
  • Provide a level of control, offering different access levels to various users
  • Make design changes easily, as well as customisations and enhancements

As a CMS can be a powerful tool, even for non-technical users, ensuring your website’s design is optimised for usability and user experience is crucial and quite often, the process of creating a website isn’t as straightforward as it seems. This is where a specialist web developer is required to help drive and support your business needs.

Having confidence in picking the right partner, that has the required capabilities, to successfully complete the project to your business’ growth requirements, is none-the-less, crucial. At We Are Amnet, we can give you access to the latest technology and industry trends to deliver technically complex, yet easy-to-use solutions for your business.

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