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I hope you are well, staying healthy as is your family, loved ones, and your colleagues!

We have been doing fine, as a team and as a company! The work from home scenario has held its positive stead and the teams are going strong. In fact, here is a synopsis from our internal School of Life session today. Out of the 19 participants, we had one participant rating the work from home experience at a 10, the others between 7 and 8. There was a question as to how do I see this phenomenon shaping in the future context of work. While I am not a futurist, I do believe that as a company, we are going to actively pursue exploring work from home as an approach to our working lives. I think it will be a hybrid model in that there would be a mix of teams alternating periods of time between home and the office. Personally, I have been working from home two full days every week for the past 5+ years and I have benefited tremendously. Here is a question for you: What has been your experience so far – how would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most positive)? 

I am grateful for the proactive leaders and individual contributors in the company who have gone above and beyond to make sure that we deliver on our promises to you. We are doing our best to ensure that we are able to take up your requirements and deliver diligently on them. Please do share any inputs or feedback you may have as it pertains to your experience. Feedback is a gift and I know we will learn and improve. We have been continuing our daily huddles with the senior members in the company and they, in turn, with their teams to ensure that we stay on top of managing the current situation and staying safe and healthy. We have also encouraged members to take up learning programs. Interestingly, some have taken up courses like Learning How to Learn, Learning to Draw, Neuro Linguistic Programming (yours truly), How to Meditate, and wait for it…How to be a Stand-up Comedian. I have to say, I am waiting to see the performance. : )

On a final note, while I know that we are all going through the discomfort of this rather unique situation, I would like to share two quotes that have been helpful to me whenever I am not feeling up to it!

  • It’s not reality that shapes us, but the lens through which we view the world that shapes our reality – Shawn Achor
  • The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived – Robert Jordan

It is my sincere wish that you stay well, healthy, and together, we will come out stronger than we were when we went in! Have a super weekend!


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