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We are pleased to announce that our Indian office has been selected and certified as a Great Place to Work for the second year running.

The Great Place to Work® Institute is the world’s most researched, accepted, and sustainable definition of a great workplace from an employee’s point of view. It is the gold standard in workplace culture assessment.

As a Smartshoring® company, investing in our team, treating them fairly and giving them a successful, comfortable and enjoyable working environment are some of our top priorities.

Group Chairman and CEO, Aashish Agarwaal, stated “I remember a wonderful quote in the Harvard Business Review which said something on the lines of, Companies that win tomorrow are not going to win on the basis of price, efficiency or technology. They are a given. They will win on culture. We have taken this quote to heart and mind and this certification is a step in that journey.”

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work is the global authority on building, sustaining, and recognising High-Trust, High-Performance Culture at workplaces. It serves businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies in more than 60 countries, across all six continents, touching more than 10,000 organisations every year.

Our Principles

Our principles reflect the kind of workplace and company we want to be, and go some way to show why we have been awarded this certification. Three such principles (from the 12 we have in total) are:

Build People, we believe companies are people first. Building people up through training, learning and development as well as regular feedback and celebrating achievements is vital not just for the welfare of the team, but for developing the company too.

We are Earthians, as a global company we embrace and respect local cultures. We also learn from each other and gain valuable perspectives enabling compassion and tolerance. 

Right person on the right seat, again companies are people first. We have a robust hiring process which is fair to both parties and an intentional and continuous monitoring and calibration of an individual’s performance and ensuring fit. 

To find out how we can help you to begin your Smartshoring journey, get in touch with us and one of our regional client service team members will walk you through how we can help your brand or agency. Book a discovery call today.

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