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This year’s Creative Operations London event, sponsored by We Are Amnet, saw Martin McCully from our partner organisation Starling Murmur address a pressing issue in content creation. With so many messages flooding consumers’ senses both online and offline every day, relevancy has become one of the key tools to pierce the fog.

What is relevancy?

According to McCully, relevancy places the ability to tell the right story at the right time in the hands of brands and agencies, rather than the same story all the time. Leveraging the power of both historic and real-time data in ad creation and optimisation produces measurable results and greater ROI.

In a future where cookies are going to be phased out, effective content personalisation is going to be increasingly challenging. And it’s relevancy that’s going to replace it in creative work that will stick in consumers’ minds and do the job the creators produced it for.

Certainly the evidence for relevancy’s effectiveness is compelling. McCully showed that increased sales, better brand recall, longer gaze times and higher ratings for the creative work itself are all proven pluses. And it can be tied to real-time events or advertising to quite startling effect, as he demonstrated with some contemporary case studies of relevancy in action.

Relevancy in practice

To illustrate the concept, and show how simply it can be applied, Martin McCully presented some contemporary case studies at Creative Operations. Citing the example of a leading fashion brand, ads on outdoor spaces were changed according to weather and temperature differences.

Different creatives covered high heels for nights out, jackets when days were cooler and cloudier and tank tops for sunnier days. This perfectly illustrated both how easily relevancy can be part of a content campaign without incurring large costs, how each different creative iteration provides measurable data, and the resulting efficiencies in media spend.

View the presentation here. 

We’d like to congratulate Martin on his presentation and thank everybody who attended Creative Operations London 2022, making it the success it was. For an in-depth look at the trends shaping the future of content production, download our State of the Industry Report.

Or to find out how our Smartshoring® model can help you optimise your content production and save money in the process, talk to us.

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