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How leading brands are reshaping their creative operations to keep up with demand

The demand for content has skyrocketed and keeping up can be a huge challenge for brands. Coupled with speed, level of personalisation and expectations of real time relevance, it’s no easy task.

It therefore calls for a real focus on creative operations to increase agility effectiveness and identify areas where there is room for improvement, while managing skills gaps, investment in technology and costs. Brands looking to stay competitive and resonate with their audience are constantly looking at new and more effective ways to deliver creative production.

‘The future is real time’ virtual event gathered industry experts from leading brands and agencies to discuss what is driving demand for real-time content and how their businesses are responding. The panel shared real life practical experiences relating to recent campaigns and how best to overcome some of the challenges they face when delivering real time content.

A special thanks goes to:

Moderators: Anil Noorani, TKM Consultants / Nicky Russell, Partner, WDC London
Speakers: David Pritchard, Global Commercial Director, We Are Amnet and Martin McCully Creative Director / Partner, Starling Murmur
Panelists: Ben Lockwood, Marketing Manager, BrewDog, Nicky Gash, Senior VP Creative Services, Universal Pictures, Emma Miles, Marketing Operations Lead, ASOS and Marcelo Gandola, CEO, North America, Chimney Group

The event kicked off with David Pritchard and Martin McCully discussing:

  • What real time content is, it’s evolution and how to make content more relevant through a combination of first and third party data
  • Planning for success through better personalisation
  • Sharing some real-life campaign and neuroscience examples
  • How to reach your audience the right way by delivering the right message at the right time
  • What the future of real time looks like, so it allows us to “tell the right story at the right time, not the same story every time”

Next, the panel from BrewDog, ASOS,  Universal and Chimney facilitated by Nicky Russell, at WDC further discussed:

  • What is driving real time content and how brands are responding to this
  • What the right agency models look like to service the demand
  • Challenges brands and agencies need to address to create real time content at scale

Key takeaways included:

  1. Being part of the conversation in real time especially on social media to keep up with trends
  2. Reacting to the market and conversations taking place while trying to gain consumer trust
  3. Agile quality checking for real time content to ensure accuracy and relevancy
  4. The need to keep content fresh, interesting and engaging
  5. The culture of agility and not being afraid to take risks with a test and learn approach
  6. How technology is critical in everything brands and agencies do. Identifying the right solutions and levels of automation needed
  7. How data and analytics should not be overlooked regardless of the campaign output

Real time content gives us the power to tell the right story at the right time and be part of the conversation. In a world where there are constant changes it’s essential that brands, whether large or small keep up. Constant monitoring and learning to stay ahead or adapting to these trends is essential to stay current.

View the recording from David Pritchard and Martin McCully on the power of real time content, how to make this more relevant to your audience and to learn more about the neuroscience results below.

If you have any questions on the event, or would simply like to find out more about our Smartshoring services please drop us a message.

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