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The State
of the Industry

Producing Creative Content Now And In the Future

Dive into the challenges and benefits of the in-house agency model, the future of in-housing and just how quickly the model is maturing.

We also uncover:


  • The Market Landscape.
  • How Services Handled In-House Have Matured.
  • The Role of The External Agencies and How They Play a Part.
  • The Value of In-House Agencies.
  • How Much Brands Spend on Production.
  • Content Marketing Trends for 2022.


"The team at We Are Amnet have come up with a (Smartshoring) protocol which grabs my attention as a forward thinking approach to solve the types of challenges many of us have seen or feared, which will only grow bigger as our data and segmentation needs grow alongside the need for speed."

Catherine McIntyre-Velky
Founder, McVelky LLC

Executive Consultant Creative,
In-House and Agency Operations