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On delivering offshore success

This report dives into the marketing services industry to find out how and why agencies and in-house studios are selecting and building offshore partnerships, successfully.
This report looks at a range of findings, including:


  • Find, select and on-board offshore partners.
  • Factors relating to planning and selecting an offshore partner.
  • The maturity of the offshore industry.
  • The volume and type of work managed offshore.
  • The expectations around potential savings per service.
  • The most important factors when on-boarding an offshore partner successfully.
  • How to maintain great relationships and measure success.
  • The evolution of Smartshoring®.

The speed of adoption of companies looking to bring on offshore partners has accelerated in the past 12 months. This is due to the global pandemic resulting in the emergence of remote working and a willingness to utilise borderless talent to access production talent quickly.


“In today's rapidly growing world of content need we to become more efficient and global by Smartshoring. Having the access to talent, technology and adaptable workflows is critical to our expansion and our clients demands."

Marcelo Gandola
CEO, North America, Chimney Group


"The team at We Are Amnet have come up with a (Smartshoring) protocol which grabs my attention as a forward thinking approach to solve the types of challenges many of us have seen or feared, which will only grow bigger as our data and segmentation needs grow alongside the need for speed."

Catherine McIntyre-Velky
Founder, McVelky LLC

Executive Consultant Creative,
In-House and Agency Operations