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In today’s connected world, fusing digital and physical shopping to create a cohesive multichannel experience is essential. Digital signage allows marketers to develop attractive content to catch attention, push sales, reimagine the in-store experience and drive people traffic into stores.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Various surveys conclude that effective digital signage can have a considerable impact on consumers:

  • 68% of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products (Mood Media)
  • 44% of customers state that digital signage can influence them to buy an advertised product instead of the product they had planned to purchase (Mood Media)
  • Tracking 120 grocers who utilise digital signage found that 80% of these companies saw sales uplift of up to 33% (Nielsen)

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that digital signage installations are growing by c. 40% year-on-year with retail accounting for 25% of the market (Mood Media).

Digital signage helps bring in customers by creating a powerful, engaging window display.  These displays have the potential to offer personalised experiences for consumers, offering tailored promotions and deals, through a programmatic platform, treating the display like a media platform. The latest digital signage software also offers retailers complete adaptability; there are no costs or delays in setting prices, listing features or changing content. Digital signage also helps to take the drudge out of the shopping experience, aiding the customer buying decision as various retailers are now using displays to offer robust product comparisons for customers.

Digital Signage Apparatus

 There are a whole host of applications relating to digital signage that are suitable for retailers:

  • Indoor LED: Offer high quality imagery and colour reproduction; particularly useful in cosmetics and clothing displays. These are also incredibly versatile and can be placed within virtually any part of the store from the floor to the ceiling
  • Window Displays: Proven way to draw more visitors inside the store, particularly through the use of animations
  • Advertising Displays: Proven to increase sales by up to 33%, footfall by 24% and impulse purchases by 20%
  • Product Information Points: provide on-the-fly product information on offers
  • Staff Communication Displays: helps to engage, motivate and set targets by giving staff boosts throughout the day

Digital Signage in Practice

As the use of digital signage continues to increase, here are a small number of examples, where digital signage has been successful……

  • Nordstrom, a leading American fashion retailer, has developed a “Digital Denim Doctor” which recommends the best jeans for the user after assessing the user’s body type, lifestyle and fabric preferences
  • Sephora, a French-based cosmetics beauty retailer, has created a ModiFace digital display which allows customers to virtually try on Sephora products. These displays have reduced the number of product returns and exchanges, whilst also drawing greater attention to Sephora’s pop-in stores which now have larger retail space
  • Rebecca Minkoff, a global American fashion brand, has introduced “smart” mirrors which bring an entire catalogue into the dressing room. These dressing rooms allow customers to order additional clothes or sizes from the fitting rooms, and also allow users to adjust the lighting to help them in the buying decision


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