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The magic of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is best known as a process used extensively in big screen films but has become an increasingly important tool in mainstream marketing especially for TV, video and display advertising. CGI made its breakthrough with Pixar back in 1995 but has matured considerably over the past 20 years and is being increasingly used in the world of packaging development and visualisation.

For pack development CGI based software is used to communicate conceptual ideas effectively; especially when evaluating and discussing early stage designs. Creative Edge Software was one of the first companies to deliver CGI for packaging through its iC3D all-in-one platform which allows creatives and brand owners to achieve photorealistic design mock-ups at any stage without the need for specialist programmes or third-party services.

Total control 

CGI allows for quick visualisation mock-ups of packaging concepts in 3D, covering all types of pack types from bottles to moulded containers. Product images can be altered, rotated and manipulated on the fly and at a much lower cost than a re-shoot. 3D modelling and rendering enables brand teams to assess all aspects of a design, from every shadow to each reflection, including intricate print effects and ensuring colour balance and precision throughout their packaging or POS design. Images can be modified without extensive photo shoots to deliver true to life results as deadlines approach.

This allows for clients to have total control over every aspect of a concept, visually. The technical capacity of CGI gives packaging developers, marketing teams and creative agencies significant freedom to amend and update pack shots; With CGI brand owners see their products come to life throughout the development lifecycle.

Uplift in adoption

A whole host of industries are using CGI to produce realistic and exciting still imagery, virtual reality tours and animations of their proposed designs. This includes global brands such as Vittel, Perricone MD and Absolute Vodka. Many food and drinks manufacturers are using CGI to explore sustainable, biodegradable packaging possibilities – CGI allows quick visualisation of products in different environments including on shelves and in freezer cabinets. CGI is supporting the natural coming together of packaging, retail point of sale and brand activation.

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