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Many businesses are regularly faced with managing a mountain of content in order to make it more accessible and easier to re-use or re-purpose across channels. However, the lack of suitable tools, legacy systems, minimal system integration and inefficient processes often make the management of content and digital assets a challenge for in-house marketing operations teams.

Lost productivity and spiralling costs are commonplace for global brands as they endeavour to bring greater campaign consistency and an uplift in brand equity, through the effective use of Digital Asset Management. Effective DAM provides the foundation for global content management with improved search, reuse and distribution. The emergence of artificial intelligence has further optimised how assets can be tagged and re-used, delivering greater efficiencies for in-house teams.

But what exactly is Digital Asset Management and what is it used for? DAM is all about the control, security, consistency, flexibility, portability, access and reporting of digital assets (photos, videos, banners, social, brochures etc.) between all the stakeholders in a business, whether they be Brand, Marketing, HR, Legal, Manufacturing or Compliance. It’s about delivering the right content to the right people, on all devices in real time, with the ability to track and measure how assets are shared and utilised across the user community. Without the right control in place, users can end up sharing out of date material. Equally, they may find assets hard to find, or worse, accidentally deleted.

It’s essential for in-house teams to ensure content is always easily discoverable and accessible, but when developing your Digital Asset Management Strategy, where do you start and how do you maximise spend to ensure your content delivers the most bang for your buck?

Amnet provides a fully managed service to optimise your digital asset platforms to guarantee easy access to all your information, alongside:

• Process & Platform Support
• Content Governance & Rights Management
• Content Insight & Analytics; and
• Taxonomy & Classification

Our service offers 24/5 service / support, continuous process and platform improvement, a fully trained support team for system and process troubleshooting, as well as regular reports on content distribution, platform usage and sentiment analysis.

To find out more about how Amnet’s Global Content Management Services can support your goals, contact us today:

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