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Unravelling the Confusion

Too often there appears to be a confusion between what ‘outsourcing’ and ‘offshoring’ are. We hear the question ‘it’s the same thing isn’t it?’ – NO IT’S NOT!

It is fair to say that both hold significant benefits, but it’s important that the right choice is made to maximise your return of investment or to answer business challenges posed in the most effective manner.

“Outsourcing” and “Offshoring” are often used synonymously in business today. “Offshoring” is sometimes referred to as a subset of “Outsourcing”.

However, there is a technical difference. “Outsourcing” refers to an organisation contracting work out to a third party, while “Offshoring” refers to getting work done in a different country, usually to leverage advantages related to cost, quality, speed, and resource.

The ‘Offshore’ market is more mature than it has ever been. The quality of output, channels of communication, process management and fit for purpose technology are non-negotiable. If you have selected the right ‘Offshore’ partner then you will be supported by a partner that is able to advise you as to how to morph your business to get the best out of the ‘Offshore’ model, your internal operations, and an overall solution that is tailored to ensure your ongoing success.

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