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Set in the beautiful Liberty State Park with the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, the Pharma PR and Communications Summit 2022 took place in July and was attended by We Are Amnet’s US Business Development Director, Jeff Lowther.

In the continuingly evolving space of Pharmaceutical PR and Communications, this event was a fascinating look at the changes seen in this sector over the last 24 months. Thought leaders from communications departments for many of the big players in the pharmaceutical industry were in attendance and provided insights through roundtable panel discussions.

The talks covered a wide range of topics from the Intersection of Identity and Health to Combating Misinformation and Bias in Healthcare Communications and The Evolution of the Corporate Communications Role specifically since the COVID19 Pandemic.

The event gave an audience the opportunity to learn from top organizations on achieving new strategies, demonstrating value to the public and press, and pushing boundaries with innovative approaches to communication.

Some of the main themes mentioned throughout the event included:

  • the evolution of communication roles and
  • how more and more tasks are being added to the remit and expectations remain high
  • maintaining talent

 As with other industries in the current business climate, maintaining talent and keeping staff happy while balancing this with the additional tasks and workloads required can be challenging.

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