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We talk to Saskia to find out more about her life outside work and her goals and challenges.

What is your job role at We Are Amnet?

My role is marketing manager and I mainly focus on the US as well as supporting marketing for the wider global market.

I create, plan, execute and manage campaigns to educate and inform the market about our services, Smartshoring® and issues in the wider industry.

What does a typical day look like?

I generally start my day catching up on emails then work through my priorities for the day. This can be anything from managing our digital SEO team, creating marketing emails, adverts and blog posts to planning and strategy for the US market.

What are some of the challenges you face?

My biggest challenge is not being able to showcase most of the incredible work the team create due to the agreements we have in place, so instead we develop creative ways of showcasing the talent and quality of work that they produce.

There is also sometimes the perception in the market that offshoring means lower quality, which simply isn’t the case.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

What stands out the most for me is the team who I work with, although we work remotely, I get a lot of support and it’s a really positive and enthusiastic environment.

I also love creating content and having a lot of autonomy and freedom to explore different types of marketing, technologies and ways of working.

What did you do before working at We Are Amnet?

I have worked in marketing my whole career in various industries such as the arts, publishing, coffee and oil heating! I also went backpacking around the world for two and a half years in my 20s, it sounds cheesy but it really changed me as a person and gave me a lot of confidence – I also managed to pick up some really interesting jobs on the way round.

Do you have any personal or career goals?

My personal goals are to explore as many countries as I can in my lifetime, to buy a house (I live in London so it’s a bit of a challenge!) and to one day be able to distance run again (I hurt my knees so this may be a pipe dream!)

My career goals are continual learning, I believe no-one can ever finish learning as the world continually evolves and changes – as do people. To progress as far as possible on the marketing ladder and to help We Are Amnet to increase their already successful business.

Do you have any hobbies outside of your work?

I enjoy keeping fit and healthy so I do a weekly pilates class, go swimming and I am currently walking the London Capital Ring Walk at the weekends with my friend. I also love food, so my hobbies also evolve around eating out at restaurants and baking sourdough bread.

What was the last book your read/podcast you listened too?

I am currently reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, it’s a beautifully written book which explores the story of a young girl who as abandoned by her family one by one and left to live in their squalid family home on the marshland of South Carolina. Its an exploration of loneliness, of the beauty of nature, of human relationships, a murder mystery – you can probably tell I am enjoying it!

The podcasts I mainly listen to are Ted Talks or Feel Better Live More which is all about health.

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