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How are leading brands reshaping their marketing models to keep up with demand?

With the ever-increasing demand for content coupled with a greater focus on cost efficiency, many brands are having to reshape how they produce and deliver their content. 

Gathering industry experts from leading brands and agencies who have successfully transformed their marketing models,
We Are Amnet drilled into this topic a little further to share the latest insight into meeting the demands of creating content at scale, whilst also managing costs.

A special thanks to the following participants who shared their real life, practical experiences and advice in relation to adopting new models and how this has maximized their efficiency to deliver the right content at scale:

Moderators: Anil Noorani, TKM Consultants / Laura Forcetti, WFA
Speakers: David Bevis, Global Client Services Director, Oliver and David Pritchard Global Commercial Director, We Are Amnet
Panelists: Ezio Saponari, Global Sourcing Manager, Danone, Rammy Elsaadany, Head of Video, Barclays In-House Studio and Nicky Russell, Partner, WDC London.

The event kicked off with an exploratory one-to-one discussion between Anil Noorani and David Bevis on the importance of finding the right model and blend of partners for any brand creating large volumes of content.  The conversation also covered the challenges and benefits of an in-house model, technology trends and the impact of covid as we move into 2021.

Shortly after David Pritchard discussed the evolution of Smartshoring from the traditional offshoring model and gave insight into what services are best suited to Smartshoring. Highlighting the significant cost savings associated with this approach, David then went onto discuss how best to select and implement a Smartshoring partner. 

Facilitated by Laura Forcetti, the panel then discussed how they were managing their #contentatscale with the focus on:

  • How to deal with the constant demand for content
  • Defining the right agency model to produce large volumes of content
  • What assets they felt were best produced in-house
  • How marketing delivery models have evolved
  • How to get the best out of your partners and agencies
  • What challenges you face to maintain the role of brand guardian when dealing with multiple partners
  • How they saw in-housing, outsourcing and offshoring developing in partnership over the coming years
  • How to be efficient without compromising on quality or speed

View the full recording of the event here:

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions on the event, would like to know more about our Smartshoring approach, or to find out more about our future events please contact Shelley Harrison at or send us a message.

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