Video Production

New York Video Production and CGI services

Engage your audience at a level that makes you unforgettable to them. And do it without paying over-inflated prices or worrying about inferior quality.

Our video post-production and CGI services mean that whatever creative project you’re working on – from full-length ads to social media snapshots to full-length feature films – your audience will see your work at its absolute best, every single time.

With our global team ready to assist your New York team, you can get incredible results, such as a 60% faster turn around time.

We offer scalable, flexible, low-cost and – importantly – high-quality services:


Video post-production

Whether you want assistance putting together raw footage, carrying out audio or visual effects or compiling audio together, our talented team can help you get your project delivered on time to an exceptionally high standard.


Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Our skilled and experienced editors mean that your imagination is the only limit. Create mock-ups of your new products and packages…or even create whole virtual spaces in which to display them. Whether you’re pitching to investors, potential distributors or simply direct to your customers, make sure your products are always shown in the best possible light.

motion graphics

Motion graphics

From full-length films to marketing material, our motion graphics can take your project to the next level. Modern day consumers are bombarded by advertising, and they’re getting better and better at tuning it out. To grab the attention, you need to raise your visual game. We can help you do that.

Smartshoring from Amnet

Cut costs, while getting better service, faster

Why We Are Amnet?

  • We’re scalable. You won’t have to worry about being left short with a major project on the line. Our team can always accommodate you, from major international projects through to smaller local launches.
  • We’re flexible. Today’s business world requires flexibility. Deadlines may change, or you may realise that your requirements have shifted from the initial brief. We tailor our team to meet your needs, not the other way around.
  • We’re low-cost. Our Smartshoring™ services mean that you get all the benefits of an offshore team but combined with a local New York team that’re right there in the big Apple with you.
  • We’re high quality. We work to the highest standards using the latest cutting-edge software, including Final Cut Pro, Avid Studio, Pro-Tools 12, Autodesk Flame 20, Adobe CS and many more. Always display your work at it’s very best. Our talented, skilled team are ready to go to support you.

Cut costs, while getting better service, faster

Our Smartshoring™ model separates us from the crowd, but it’s all very well for us to say that!

Here, though, are the facts:

  • You can save as much as 40 to 70% by working with our team. Why pay more for a high quality service?
  • 60% faster turnaround. We can help you deliver to your deadlines, no matter how tight they are.
  • 20 years of industry experience. Don’t leave your project in the hands of amateurs. We’ve been there, done that. You can rely on us.
  • 1200+ skilled staff passionate about their work. From smaller launches to global rollouts, we can accommodate you.

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