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Salt Lens is a digital signage and software solution designed to deliver corporate communications company-wide, as well as to those employees who are working from home.

It’s a great way to engage employees, while continuing to embrace and build your company’s culture. And it works for everybody, from start-ups to SMEs to international concerns, allowing you to communicate your messages anywhere in the world, whether it’s a single screen to a large, multi-site global display network.


  • Delivers messaging to many employees concurrently in any format
  • Drives employee engagement
  • Supports transparency
  • Helps build company culture and consistent branding
  • Automates training through videos and tutorials
  • Keeps employees connected, even when working from home
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Delivers messaging to many employees concurrently in any format

Salt Lens connects with any screen on your network, delivering messages in 4K quality. It can integrate with an optional, white-label CMS so you get customisable, changeable and consistent messaging delivered to everybody at the same time.

Supports transparency

A great way to deliver company performance reports, charts, graphs, text or video presentations to bring financial or other news to your employees. Salt Lens fosters a feeling of involvement and transparency by getting the facts to the entire company at the same time.

Drives employee engagement

Whether it’s a simple greeting to a staff event, news updates on company developments delivered to everybody at the same time, or you want to highlight the achievements of an individual, team, or entire workforce, Salt Lens engages and retains your employees’ attention with high-quality and absolutely current content.

Reinforces your company culture and brand

By ensuring every message, every reminder or news item presents your brand consistently, Salt Lens is a powerful ally in the reinforcement of your brand and culture. It also helps position you on the cutting edge of tech innovation, bringing messages to your employees in a modern format that engages much more successfully than traditional media like emails or printed literature.

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Automates training

Your training manual doesn’t have to be a long, written document. Videos and tutorials can be delivered for training purposes that can speak to everybody simultaneously, or target certain teams if you prefer, offering them training resources that they won’t forget or ignore.


Make use of even dormant screens

Salt Lens even turns dormant screens into media to display your brand, or even deliver messages and updates, by using its Screensaver capabilities. No connected screen need go to waste and not be put to work with Salt Lens!

Keeps employees connected

In recent times, some or even all of your colleagues may not have been working at the office at all. Increasingly, remote working is becoming the norm. With Salt Lens, they’re no less connected than their workmates at HQ. They’ll receive scheduling reminders, news updates or any other message you require at the same time, and in the same format, as everybody else.

Split-screen capabilities

If you have a lot of content to display at the same time, Salt Lens can deliver split content streams simultaneously across a split-screen set-up. Impressive and useful at the same time.

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