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For content developers, engaging the disability community presents some unique challenges not only from the point of view of the right messaging, but also in compliance with legal accessibility requirements. We provide digital accessibility services that not only enable you to guarantee compliance but facilitate the production of communications that are both accessible to everybody and effective. We also ensure all your work is ADA compliant (under US Federal Law), adhering to legal standards and providing you with the peace of mind that your communication is accessible to all.


  • Document Accessibility and Remediation – PDF, EPUB 3, MS Office
  • Born Accessibility Support
  • Web Accessibility – Web Audit and Remediation
  • Alt-text Descriptions
  • Accessibility QA Services – End-user Testing, Assistive Testing Technology
  • Consulting Services
    Multimedia Accessibility – Transcripts & Captioning, Audio descriptions, Sign Language
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Document Accessibility and Remediation

Our remediation services can be tailored to meet diverse and specific accessibility needs and priorities. Flexible, scalable and cost-effective, we ensure guideline compliance through compatibility with all assistive technology software. Whether it’s PDF tagging and restructuring, EPUB 3 e-book services, or any of the MS Office suite formats, we have the solution.

Website Accessibility – Web Audit and Remediation

Rapid web remediation to make your website accessible to all. From initial audit and testing to establish your website’s accessibility, we produce a road map and an assessment report based on the standards your company needs to follow. From there, we eliminate barriers to access, restructure the content and rewrite and tag content to provide a seamless, ADA-compliant user experience for all users with a disability. You’ll also receive a report detailing the activities, tests and results to give you complete visibility of the solution.

Born Accessibility Support

As diversity awareness and compliance requirements grow, more companies are building accessibility into their communications from the start. We offer expert guidance on building in accessibility from the start of the digital journey to avoid having to retro-fit it later.



Alt-text Descriptions

With imagery providing up to 60% of content communication, it’s easy to see how people with visual impairment miss out on much of the message. The solution, alt-text description, is an ideal way to open up the content to everybody. Descriptions for images, graphs, diagrams and so on make them easy for everybody to understand even in complex examples like scientific or mathematical content. Make 100% of your communications 100% compliant to the legal requirements in your territory with our expert alt-text descriptions.

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Accessibility QA Services – End-user Testing, Assistive Testing Technology

Keeping your communications accessibility up to date, compliant and effective requires ongoing effort and assessment if you’re not to be caught out by evolving tech, legislation and functionalities. We conduct web accessibility testing and functional testing of all your communication, to highlight any barriers users may be having, including first-hand insights from the end users themselves.

We can help test your websites effectiveness when using screen readers, browser-based tools, switches to regulate the mouse and keyboard, or braille displays to make sure it functions well with all accessibility tools.

Multimedia Accessibility – Transcripts & Captioning, Audio descriptions, Sign Language

Integrated accessibility features to open up multimedia content to all. Transcripts and Captioning provides text alternatives to users with impaired hearing, while Audio Description offers detailed descriptions of visual content that may be missed by some viewers. We can also integrate sign language into your video content.

Consulting Services

Our accessibility consulting services can help you understand and achieve your accessibility objectives, measuring them against user demands. We offer expert advice and guidance on accessibility strategies for content, documents, websites or images; whatever you need, we’ll approach it methodically, close up any gaps, advise on regulatory standards and provide ongoing support.


Our unique Smarthsoring® model makes use of the best talent, wherever they may be. With Smartshoring®, you know there will be somebody with the right experience and talent to produce the accessibility work you need, 24/7.

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