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For the third year running, We Are Amnet, part of The Enerji Group, has been recognized and certified as a Great Place to Work in India. This survey, conducted across the world in more than 60 countries and 10,000 organizations every year by Great Place to Work®, showcases We Are Amnet as having a high-trust and high-performance culture. The company achieved more than 80% positive responses during the Trust Index© Employee Survey, which is an evaluation process of anonymous employee surveys.

We Are Amnet’s unique culture lies in the fact that the organization is guided by twelve principles, which are essential in shaping their mission, as well as nurturing long-term relationships and ensuring certainty for their clients.

“Getting certified as a Great Place to Work three years in a row validates the tremendous efforts that our leaders and managers across the globe are putting in, to ensure that we create a culture that is meaningful, built on a purpose and our leadership principles, and just as importantly our differentiator,” said Founder and CEO, Aashish Agarwaal.

All principles are equally important, but the principle “Right Person on the Right Seat” is especially critical when it comes to the company’s culture and purpose.

“We Are Amnet has a wonderful onboarding experience,” said an employee of the Studio Operations team in Chennai. “The teams have been supportive and follow an open culture and accept changes. Policies are people friendly and on par with industry standards. It is great to be part of We Are Amnet!”

An operations manager from the studio in Chennai shared similar enthusiasm and passion when asked about his experience working for the company.

“As an employee at We Are Amnet, I am constantly in awe of the organization’s commitment to creativity, innovation, and excellence,” the operations manager said. “From my first day, I was welcomed into a diverse and vibrant team that encouraged my own growth, both professionally and personally. The supportive and inclusive culture truly stands out, making it a remarkable workplace. The training and development opportunities offered are unparalleled, ensuring we are always at the forefront of industry developments. This truly enhances our abilities to deliver superior service to our clients. However, what sets We Are Amnet apart is not just its commitment to excellence, but also to its employees. The organization’s recognition of our efforts, the balance between work and personal life it fosters, and the space it provides for independent thought and creativity make us feel valued and appreciated.”

Last year, We Are Amnet’s creative studio in India unveiled an inspirational wall mural to honor their numerous principles.

“What I have learned while working at We Are Amnet is that we all can (and should) be leaders,” said a group lead from the studio. “We are not just encouraged to lead or work at We Are Amnet and beyond – but we are empowered to do so. I have been really privileged to work under the awesome leaders who have set their goals and standards and helped the other generations to become leaders.”

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