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As covid continues to spread throughout India, we would like to reassure our customers that we are doing everything possible to support our team at this time.

The main office is based in Chennai, which fortunately is not as severely affected by the virus as in other parts of India, however extra support is still needed.

We are continuing to operate at full capacity, in part because of the huge commitment shown by staff to pull together and support each other, and through several schemes set up to give additional support.

A virtual Covid Emergency Response Team which consists of members from across different functions has been put together to encourage employees to get in touch if they have an emergency. They help with:

  • Tracking which hospitals have available beds and the medical supplies needed
  • Tracking which agencies can supply support to covid patients
  • Giving this information to employees and helping to book whatever care is needed

Employees in India have also been given covid medical insurance which covers themselves and their family members.

All employees are working from home, so communication has become even more key, from individual teams checking in more regularly to company-wide emails from the HR team to advise how to help stop the spread of coronavirus and how to improve general health.

All staff are made aware of schemes such as free online coaching which aims to help regain a positive attitude and focus for employees undergoing emotional trauma related to the pandemic.

The Managing Director addresses all staff weekly via a video to extend his concern and to help those affected by the virus.

If you have any concerns or would like to learn more about how We Are Amnet and its people are faring through this crisis please email and we will get in touch shortly.

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