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Dynamic Creative Optimisation for Digital Banners

Unsurprisingly, digital spend continues to go from strength to strength. Display ads now account for 52% of all digital spend in the US according to eMarketer. How we view, create and consume display ads is changing significantly, due, in part, to the utilisation of dynamic creative optimisation and the associated investment and uplift in skills around personalisation, contextual content and creative optimisation.

Dynamic creative is all about presenting the most effective ads or creative elements and enabling the right message creatively, for the viewer. Elements of personalisation marketing will also often be utilised as part of the process. This is something marketers can more easily achieve thanks to the latest developments in data and targeting including most notably, creative management platforms (CMPs). Applying data, using analytics and scaling campaigns is now well within the capabilities of marketing teams and their digital agencies

Dynamic creative campaigns make your marketing more intelligent and compelling; creating banners that generate engagement with your consumers, through greater relevance helps develop the brand-consumer relationship. The primary benefit of dynamic contextual banners is the ability to take one-to-one marketing to the next level. Through programmatic buying, marketers are already able to reach a highly specific audience, however, dynamic creative allows you to pull all your audience insights together into your creative strategy. This ensures that your messages are just as targeted as your placements, considerably boosting the impact of your marketing.

The nature of CMPs also makes dynamic banner advertising more efficient; ad units can be quickly swapped with new assets without having to re-traffic entire campaigns. This is particularly useful for marketers who need to regularly promote changing content such as weekly promotions and hot products, significantly reducing the creative workload on marketers.

Dynamic creative can also enhance your mobile strategy. In late 2017, Google launched a new 95% dynamic mobile ad unit (Magic Banner) which allowed marketers to utilise over 20 pieces of dynamic content, producing a revolutionary mobile experience for their audiences. Going forward, the use of dynamic banners on mobile platforms has the ability to convey the power of search in producing a more interesting and relevant experience for mobile users. This is likely to include utilising the vast amount of search data available to gain useful insights and leveraging contextual signals (such as time and location) to give the audience the right information at the right time.

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